Encounters of the Chibi Kind

Stars = actions. ‘Cause actions are cool ya know? 😛 * <— that is a star. That little asterisk thingy. Not Asterix the Gaul, no, an asterisk: * Anyway……. this is a random little series type thingy me and Dragon have been doing for…… ages. Christmas maybe……? Anyway. The characters are:

Jessie (Dragon), she’s awesome. 😉

LCD (Me, Adaraschia), who is also awesome. XD

Praesul, Adaraschia’s chibi protector, who is like, a griffin type, chibi…… thingy (first one at any rate). ^_^

Jimmy is like, a dragon type chibi….. thingy. ;D

V/O is like, the narrator type thingy. XD

OMG that was fun to write. XD Anyway, on with the episodes! 😀

Episode one (Dragon’s):

Encounters of the Chibi kind

Jessie: *Is decorating Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols*

Chibi Dragon: *walks into room* MY EARS!!!!

Jessie: *stops singing* Does my singing bother you?

Chibi Dragon: Very much. I think I’m deaf!!

Jessie *frowns* I wasn’t that bad

Chibi Dragon: Yes; you were

Jessie: *realizes something* WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!!?!?!?!

Chibi Dragon: *reels back*No need to spaz. I’m your… what do they call it?? Oh ya, guardian dragon!

Jessie: *mouth hangs open* My WHAT?

Chibi Dragon: I’m. Your. Guardian. Dragon

Jessie: I repeat. My WHAT?

Chibi Dragon: *rolls eyes and sighs* I’ve been assigned to be your guardian, protect you from dangers you will encounter and such.

Jessie: *looks down at loaf-of-bread sized dragon* How? Bite dangers ankles?Chibi Dragon: *suddenly becomes full size dragon* Not quite

Jessie: Well then……..

V/O:And so Jessie has a guardian dragon. Why does she need one? Becau-

Chibi Dragon: *in V/O’s face* DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!

Encounters of the Chibi Kind (LCD’s)

Appearances aren’t everything

V/O: It was a bright, snowy day….
LCD: Excuse me.
V/O: Don’t interrupt. Anyway, it was a bright snowy day when…..
LCD: “Your teeth are yellow, they’re covered in…”
V/O: AAAAH! Don’t sing that song!
LCD: Why not?
V/O: I promise to be quiet if only you won’t sing that song!
LCD: Okay. ^_^ I will continue the narration from here. It was a bright, SUNNY day (there was no snow at all), when the doorbell rang. LCD (myself) went to answer the door…

V/O: There was what appeared to be a toy chibi griffin on LCD’s doorstep with a “For: LCD” tag around it’s neck.
LCD: How cute! I wonder what I shall call it. No, him. It shall be a him. *whistles cheerfully while thinking of a name* Alistair…? No…. TODD!
Chibi griffin: *splutters* Hey wait a moment!
LCD: What?!
Chibi griffin: I am NOT going to be called Todd, I have a perfectly find name already thank you very much.
LCD: Oh, what is it? *suddenly realizes that she’s talking to a griffin* OH MY GAWDZ! I MUST TAKE PICTURES OF THIS FOR PROOF!
Chibi griffin: Don’t waste your time, thanks to my boss back at HQ, I won’t appear in your pictures at all.
LCD: *is disappointed* Now I’m all disappointed.
Chibi griffin: *rolls eyes* There was no need to state the obvious.
LCD: But stating the obvious is funny sometimes!
Chibi griffin: Hmm. Anyway, my name is Praesul, I am to be your guardian against any dangers you might encounter seeing as you are special.
LCD: Thank you for stating the obvious.
Praesul: What?
LCD: I’ve always known I’m special! How else would I be able to get away with staying up late to read books?
Praesul: -.- *mutters* I have my work cut out for me.
LCD: So are there more chibis, or are you the only one?
Praesul: *cough* Ahem, I am only a chibi because of my job, when you are in danger I go back to my normal form thank you very much.
LCD: Yeah yeah whatever.
Praesul: Yes, there are more chibis. If I remember correctly, one of your friends recently received a chibi guardian because she is special as well.
LCD: Do you remember the name?
Praesul: I think it was Jessie…..
LCD: *interrupts* Oh my gosh! We’ve got to go visit her then and see if she has a cute, feathery/furry ball of cuteness!
Praesul: “Cute feathery/furry ball of cuteness”? You’ve got to be kidding me……
LCD: No time for idle chatter! Let’s get going while the going is good!

V/O: This is how LCD met her guardian Praesul. He isn’t exactly a fairy godfather or an angel, but he’s still got a job to do.
LCD: Stop making it sound boring.
Praesul: You’re making me sound grumpy.
V/O: Well SOOORRY! I’m just doing my job!
LCD: Whatevah.

Okay. So not only do we want to know what you think of these (only the good comments mind you. 😀 We’re too fragile for the mean ones. 😉 ), but we would like you to rate this post. That will tell us whether we should post more of these episodes or not. ^_^


P.S. from Dragon: DON’T DISS PEOPLE! 😀 I had FUN writing this.

P.P.S. from LCD: Which meaaaaaaaaans…….. those of you who diss other people’s writing ’cause you can’t write…….. well you’re just sad. I feel sorry for you. Find inspiration, and start writing, even if it’s crap. 😉 Seriously, “practice makes perfect” blah blah blah……..

– LCD and ~Dragon (squiggle ftw, oui?)


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5 Responses to Encounters of the Chibi Kind

  1. LCD says:

    This is awesome. XD

  2. No coments. This saddens me 😦 BUT only one more vote and we can keep putting the episodes up 😀 😀 😀 😀

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