Birthday prez list, 2010

Mwahahaha, birthdays were one of the most spectacular things ever invented. A day where everyone gives you presents. XD How cool is that? Yes, I’ve known it for years, but I didn’t think of mentioning it before because it was so obvious. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, let us take a look at the loot….. err…… wonderful, thoughtful presents…. I’ve accumulated so far for this year. ^_^

  • Alice in Wonderland (on iPod)
  • Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (on iPod)
  • Fantasy Art Workshop by John Howe
  • Fantasy Drawing Workshop by John Howe
  • The Shadow of Malabron by Thomas Warton
  • Larklight by Philip Reeve
  • $40 Chapters Indigo gift card
  • $25 Starbucks gift card
  • Various iTunes giftcards
  • Taggerung, Loamhedge, Doomwyte, and The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques
  • Salmon pink t-shirt with black horse head on it
  • Some candy
  • Horse tissues
  • Black heritage umbrella with a black and white picture of the Marine Building Vancouver repeated over and over on the inside
  • Blazing Saddles (totally awesome movie)
  • Some headbands (braided pink, light green, and yellow one, a blue one, a pink one, a silver one, a white one with a buckle, a black one, and a leopard/zebra black and white one! :D)
  • A copy of The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong (I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!)
  • A spiky keychain thingy (which is just awesome)
  • 45 pieces of paper with things written on them (inside jokes and stuff like that, which is why I like you Dragon. πŸ˜‰ )
  • Cool knee-length socks with neon colours! πŸ˜€
  • Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce (FINALLY! I HAZ IT!)
  • A very cool journal with an illustration done by Josephine Wall (I lurv it, for there is a golden eagle, and there are tons of cool wings in dere)
  • Two AWESOME pairs of earrings (one looks like it’s got silver wings (did I mention wings are cool?) and the other is two hoops, with yellow beads, and yellow feathers with a bit of brown (Ruby will think I’m favoring her))
  • The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas (I GOT IT FOR $4 freaking 99! I love Book Warehouse.)

*HACKED BY DRAGON* She ALSO spent some of her birthday money on me -.- totally unnecessary.
*back to normal* I wanted to buy her the stuff, so it WAS necessary. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I only used one giftcard! πŸ˜€ The Chapters Indigo one. ^_^ Soo…… I think that’s it. *thinks* Yup! I think that’s it! ^_^ Yeah, so now to start talking. Some of the books weren’t bought for me, but they were bought with b-day money I was given. πŸ˜› Thank you MissKittyInTheCity + Grandma for ze candy, ze giftcards, the awesome horse shirt, the art books, most of the books on there, the journal, and the tissues. XD

Thank you Dragon for The Reckoning, the awesome headbands (thank your friend for helping you pick them), the spiky keychain, the neon socks, and the totally awesome earrings (as you could see before you left, I’m still wearing the wing-type ones). Plus, thank you for the 45 pieces of paper. πŸ˜‰

Now, apparently I have something coming in the mail from the “fambly”, so that won’t be on this list, seeing as I’ve no idea what it is. πŸ˜› I might post about it once it arrives though, so stay tuned for zat. Anyway, before I list the things on the paper (dang this post is getting long), I want to talk about the two days of Dragon sleep overs, episode two! Just kidding.

Anyway, so there I am yesterday, rushing around, going nuts because I’m so excited about the party, then I find via Skype that Dragon has had root beer for breakfast (O.o) and then later that they’re on their way. I was like “HALELUJIAH!” or however it’s spelled. Anyway, then I’m going around, checking computer related stuff, and then feeling bored. Dot dot dot, and so then I’m drying dishes, being excited and anxious and all that good stuff that you feel before a party starts.

Then, oh joy of joys! Dragon arrived! πŸ˜€ I was so happy. So of course I rush outside and hug Dragon (she claims that I either bruised her ribs, or possibly broke some). Then I help her bring in her stuff while chatting and all that. She had this HUGE b-day bag and I’m like O.O What the heck did you bring me Dragon?! And I wanted to look inside soooooooo bad, but I couldn’t, because everyone wasn’t there, and we hadn’t had any dinner yet. So we talked and stuff, she brought three more books for me to read, and then she remembered she’d forgotten to bring The Reckoning for me. I told her it ’twas okay. Little did I know what a surprise I was in for…….

Anyway, Mom and FJR go out to get the food, and find that the place we were going to get it from is closed for an hour and a half (seriously, someone was working to try and ruin my party, they didn’t succeed though. Mwahahahahaha…) then we find that traffic is really bad where Miss Kitty and Grandma are, so they arrive much later. Meanwhile, Dragon and I continue goofing off and enjoying ourselves (Dragon put makeup on me and braided some of my hair, I looked pretty). Finally, Miss Kitty and Grandma arrive, they are introduced to Dragon, and the party sort of starts. πŸ˜›

So we have fun, we talk we laugh we goof off, all the good things that parties have. Later, the food arrives and we have dinnah, then we have a b-day cake with candles that actually spell out “Happy Birthday”. I managed to blow them all out myself without FJR doing any for me. So then we have the totally rich chocolate cake (we still have a couple slices left over, including most of mine from yesterday). Then we were going to go on a walk before going to Chapters with Miss Kitty and Grandma, but then we had a great idea, I could open Jessie’s presents for me! πŸ˜€

So I open the bag, and pull out the first piece of paper. I will put a blank for where she put my name. πŸ˜‰ “Happy Birthday ________…. I ran out of room. -.- Happy birthday ____________. I hope you have fun opening your gift, and that you like what’s inside! Luv ya! [insert heart] ~Dragon =D (or ______)”. I smile, and put it down, for I don’t want to waste it. Now the rest of the messages are in no particular order, and throughout my reading I am asked how many pages I’ve got through, because Dragon informed me at the start that there were forty-five. So here we go then!

  • -.- “Stupid waffle salesman.” [insert waffle with hat, eyes, and limbs here]
  • “PIE!!” [insert illustration of Weebl yelling pie and Bob being blown out of screen]
  • “What happened to Ivy and them?”
    “They went on a vacation to Hawaii.”
    “I see…. are they coming back anytime soon?”
  • “Whadaya want from me?” BACON! [insert bacon picture here]
  • Altus: If you want to be not insane, you’ll have to eat a pink cockroach and drink this.
    LCD: Yo no mi gusta.
  • Tiny dragon can’t breath!
  • Amy: *dumps popcorn on Jimmy’s head*
    Jimmy: … and what was that for?
    Janine: *dumps popcorn on Jimmy’s head*
    Amy and Janine: ^_^
  • Praesul: Facebook is evil. They post pictures of griffins and dragons in dresses. O.O
    Janine: Gone? [insert picture of little stick figure here]
  • Jimmy: I haven’t had a bath in… 500 years!
    Jessie: BATH TIME.
  • My favorite letter is the squiggle ~ [insert larger ~ here]
  • Jimmy: WHY ME???
    Jessie: ‘cuz you’re cool that way. Now finish making those cookies!
    Jimmy: T.T This is cruel and in-human punishment.
    Jessie: … you aren’t human.
    Jimmy: This is cruel and in-dragon punishment.
    Jessie: *headdesk*
  • Spoon… [insert spoon picture here]
  • “Sparkling angels….” =O IT’S EDWARD!
  • Jimmy: Jessie’s got a boyfriend! Jessie’s go- *gets thrown in a garbage can*
  • Gotta run to the store ‘cuz there’s no ice cream here. [insert no ice cream picture here]
  • We shall conquer this land and will call it… this land. =) <— Norbert
  • Hiya soul sister! [insert musical note pictures here]
  • Uh… huh… since when is THIS roughing it? [insert picture of stick figure watching television and eating popcorn here]
  • “Alphonsssssssso”
  • “You look like a field of buttercups in a suit.” [insert business suit with buttercup sticking out of the top]
  • I have become a goth because I am depressed about not having pie. =(
  • How it should be: “So your teacher’s trying to teach you the alphabet? I’ve got an alphabet of my own and it goes a little something like this…”
  • “Was that regrettable?”
    “Of course not! We are fortunate to have such a wise ruler!” [insert awesome dragon pic here]
  • Dragon: When there’s a will, there’s a dishwasher.
    LCD: O.O Someone died?!
    Dragon: …
  • Praesul: Ahh!! I’m on fire!!!
    LCD: -.- We can see that. *throws Praesul into a ditch*
  • The muses are sending me crazy ideas again!
  • Must… name… inanimate… object *eye twitch* [insert picture of cell phone and iPod touch here]
  • Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger Mushroom Mushroom!
  • Black raspberry & Potatoe for the WIN!
  • LCD: Crivens!
    Dragon: Is that dragonese???
    LCD: *facepalm* [insert two stick figures, one confused, one face palming, here]
  • Kris: I love baseball!
    Jimmy: It’s better than shopping.
    Jessie: *whacks Jimmy upside the head* NOTHING is better than shopping.
  • Owls. Everyone is fond of owls. Except for mice and shrews. And Simon Cowels! And you know when they come for you. The owl’s in your dressing room. The owl’s in your gravy!
  • You DO NOT question the potatoe.
  • B is for brain ’cause I’ve got brain damage. I’m deranged, insane, got cerebrum like a cabbage. [insert picture of brain and arrow pointing to cabbage here]
  • Jessie: When I say run, run.
    Jimmy: 😑
    LCD: RUN!
    Jessie: Aww I wanted to say run.
    LCD: Too bad *runs*
    Jessie: *also runs*
    Praesul: 3…2…1… *both chase*
  • o_o BIWDIE!!!
  • Rawr means Imma eat you in dragon! [insert awesome picture of dragon named Fred here]

And that’s all fourty-five messages I had to read before I could get to the presents. ^_^ You know what the presents from Dragon were already, seeing as I listed them at the start of this post. XD Anyway, so next we go to Chapters Indigo after I’m all like “Stand up so I can hug you”. XD I haven’t thrown out any of the pieces of paper btw, for they are awesome. XD Oh! We watched some Bob and Weebl earlier in the day too……. so back to the “present”. We went to Chapters, I found Sisters Red (yay!), Dragon found two books she liked, I pulled them away from her before she could put them back on the shelf and bought them for her, and then we had Starbucks. πŸ˜› I had a raspberry frapp, she had a caramel one. And earlier that day she’d had a caramel one, and I’d had a banana one! XD

Oh, and I also got a panini, ham and swiss. That gives an opening for an Aga Saga woman reference! “But it’s only panini Mummy!” XD Sorry for those of you who don’t get it. πŸ˜‰ Katherine Tate is the Aga Saga woman btw. So, we get back home, say good night to Grandma and Miss Kitty, and there’s no time to watch a movie (which is a shame, I would have introduced Dragon to the wonders of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Cold Comfort Farm, Firefly, or Blazing Saddles if there had been time). So we get ready for bed, and then it is mission: enjoy ourselves.

Dragon then introduced me to a totally awesome person on YouTube (his videos at least): AmazingPhil. Look him up, he is totally hilarious. XD I had to subscribe. πŸ˜› And he has a British accent if I remember correctly. πŸ˜› Oh, and he’s got lots of lion toys. So, we watched that for awhile, then discussed stories, like the ones we’re writting, and then other random stuff. OH! And when I went to get changed, Dragon hopped on my Skype and sent messages to Genesis, so when I rushed downstairs (FJR told me what she was doing) I’m like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” So we’re messaging each other back and forth in a chat with Genesis, who was probably asleep at that time (it was late), and then he wakes up to those messages….. I won’t say exactly what we said though, if Genesis is alright with it, I might mention it in another post. Otherwise no.

So back to the good stuff……. this morning we woke up late (what do you expect? We stayed up for a long time!) and then went to some awesome stores, including one we’d been wanting to check out: Dragon Space. That place was cool, and I found a book there that I wanted to check out, as well as cards that had pictures Josephine Wall had done on them (this post is getting tediously long isn’t it?) After that, we went and got food. Dragon got pizza, and I didn’t get anything. Mom was curious, “You’re usually a bottomless pit to feed”. At that exact moment I whipped my unfinished panini out of my bag and chowed down. XD Have you ever seen how big seagulls are? I mean seriously, had one not five steps away from you, watching every move you make?

I never really realized how large they were before! Seriously. O.o Now I want one for a pet…. *eye twitches madly* Anyway, while still munching my panini (I had to hold on to it, for seagulls at that place have swooped down and taken food out of people’s hands before, seriously), Mom asked if we wanted to get ice cream, and we said yes of course. So I just finish in time to accept my gelato in a waffle cone. I chose strawberry and sour cherry (the sour cherry was amazing….) I forget what Dragon had, but Mom had something…. and then sour cherry. I forget what Zoe had as well. XD

Anyway, so we walked around a bit more, went to a book store, Dragon bought a book called Shiver, which I’ve heard is good, then we went to a store called Paper Ya, after Paper Ya, we went to an art store. She got a…… I forget what it’s called, it’s some sort of smudging tool. Anyway, I got myself a mini maniquin and named it Howard for some reason. I had to get a male one because they were out of female ones.

Then we went to a bead shop, then we went to the car, then we went to a Book Warehouse. After that, we went to get Mom, who’d gone to a Yarn Shop, then got some Tim Hortons. Then we drove home and Dragon had to go. I missed her as soon as she was gone, but then we discovered that her camera was still here, so I draw up her cell phone number as quickly as I possibly can and tell her her camera is here. So she drives back, and now, a couple of hours later, we discover her sketchbook here. I am so sorry that I didn’t think to ask if you had it with you Dragon! 😦 However, I get to look at that fantastic dragon picture you did and admire all the detail. >:) Yeah, so my party was awesome, and I loved all my presents (the candy was gone on the second day).

Yeah… sooo….. Oh! Most of the messages were jokes only Dragon and I would get. πŸ˜› However, if you’ve seen some of the things we have, like Weebl and Bob, you’d enjoy them. And some of them are amusing without getting the reference. XD So that’s all I’ve got to say, surprisingly, other than “I’ll try to get pictures of the earrings and the headbands up soon”. If you read this seriously long post, give yourself a pat on the back, I’m not sure if I’d have managed to struggle my way through something this long. XD Anyway…. g’bye!



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