The Temp, The Actress, and The Writer added to the blogroll

Hey people! For whatever reason, yesterday, I looked up Adrienne Kress. I found the website, and saw a link to her blog, and I was like “Blog? OMG! MUST CHECK! [drooling]” I’m exagerating, but you get the point, I was excited to find out that she had a blog, especially when her writing is so hilarious. Anyway, the blog is called The Temp, The Actress, and The Writer, and has lots of good stuff. First off would be the pretty sweet posts, the most recent one at the time I’m writing this post being Book Expo of America 2010. If I hadn’t checked this stuff out, I wouldn’t have known she knew the author of the Kendra Kandlestar books. O.o Soo… oh yes! In the widgets, she’s got four sets of links: “My Road to Publication” (which has three parts/posts to it), “So You Want to Get Published . . .” (which has two links), “My three part (plus one) series – Tips on Reading Aloud” (which has four links), and “General Advice on Writing/Publishing From Yours Truly” (which has 25 links I think).

Humor, good advice, and lots of pictures = fantastic blog. So go check it out when you have a moment please. ^_^ Unfortunately, she isn’t on, but she is on another book-related website called Shelfari, anyone heard of it?



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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6 Responses to The Temp, The Actress, and The Writer added to the blogroll

  1. I told you about Shelfari, remember? I even emailed you a link.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hey LCD!

    Was google alerted to this post (oh the joys of the google alerts, it makes you feel a little less self obsessed not having to actually type in your name into google and press enter, but let’s be honest, I still took the time to set up a google alert for my name . . . which come to think of it takes MORE effort than just typical googling . . . hmm . . . )!

    I really just wanted to drop a line to say thanks so much for the compliments on my blog (and for adding me to your blogroll), and also to let you know you have totally guilted me into writing a new post tomorrow (considering the BEA one is the most recent entry, and that’s from two weeks ago, oy)!

    Also thank you for the compliments on my writing in general. It’s always extremely uplifting to read such lovely things.

    So yeah. That’s it really 🙂 . Also, I feel like I might be on Goodreads, well, okay, maybe I’m not (I really don’t know how those sites work, even Shelfari which I remember signing up to a while ago but am not really sure how to use to be honest) but my books are.

    all best,

    • LCD says:

      You’re welcome! The intent of my appreciation was not to create the pressuring side effect of guilt, as I’m sure you’re aware (“oh, you writers and your literary devices!”), but I’ll help you get over it anyway by telling you that I’ve given Alex 5 stars and added Timothy to my “to-read” list on Goodreads. Thanks for stopping by to comment. 🙂

  3. misskittyinthecity says:

    I haven’t heard of shelfari either but thanks for the link! Another book site? (drooool) 🙂
    You’re the best!

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