Art art art art and ART!

*sighs* I love art calss. and wood shop class… LOVE THEM I TELL YOU!! Annnyway, these are some pics of the various projects I did in shop class/art/during various other classes/at home 🙂

A rough draft of a character from a book LCD and I are writting together. His name is Lirn 🙂

 I did this mostly at home, with some school/out at my aunts time thrown in. All together it took me about half an hour (hey, with five minutes here and there etc. Not to mention all the scales and stuff) 

A clay project I made in Art class. Her name is Bobbi

Do not ask why I named her Bobbi, I just did. 😛 I’m not 100% sure if I like how she’s glazed (the glazes weren’t labeled ‘matte’ or ‘gloss’) I spent two classes etching scales into her, then the glaze didn’t show the scales. I was displeased -.-

I concept sketch, I guess that's what you'd call it, of how a character of the book LCD and I are writting in human form :X

This took me about an hour. I used chalk pastels and a smudger I bought at Opus when I went to Grandville Island with LCD 😀

My friend named this guy Taquito 😛 I made him with plastics in shop

Taquito here is made out of clear plastic (I had to brush him with foundation to make him show up in pictures 😛 I accidently left him in the heater for too long and his head got all warped >.< But I kinda like it 😛 He’s a dragon, in case you couldn’t tell (Am I obssessed with dragons? Nooooooooooooooo)
The rest of the pictures are random doodles I drew in class. 😛 Of course I pay attention and do my work in math…….. 😀

Random in-class doodle #1

Random in-class doodle #2

Random in-class doodle #3 (story character inspiration: Theiron)

Random in-class doodle #4

Random in-class doodle #5

Random in-class doodle #6

(Who Knows and Higher Power are song names. This just happened to be the closest peice of paper I had when I heard these songs :P)

Random in-class doodle #7

 There was a period of time in school when I was being bullied a little, so I came up with this saying to make myself move on: “Ya, life can be a pain, but suck it up princess, it’s just begining” Not the best grammer in the world, but whatevah :P. Yes, there is an ‘E’ in the ‘PRINCESS’ on my picture, it just didn’t show because of the flash *glares at cammera*

Random in-class doodle #8

 The words are lyrics from Stand by Rascal Flatts: “You feel like a candel/ in a hurricane/ just like a picture/ with a broken frame/ alone and helpless, like you’ve lost your fight/ but you’ll be allright, you’ll be allright”

I hope you enjoyed my random/weird/not that great art projects 🙂


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4 Responses to Art art art art and ART!

  1. theartylife says:

    The dragons are dang amazing! I have never seen the plastics style before and it looks like it could be in a gallery. Are you going to paint the pink one some more and do details? It has a lot of promise. Good work!

    • LCD says:

      @theartylife I agree with you about the dragons, they are fantastic. 🙂

      @Dragon Post this sort of stuff more often. XD Theiron (I thought it was supposed to be Thieron?) and Bobbi look great, Lirn is still my fav though. XD Once you have your sketchbook back you should be able to finish Moroc. ^_^

    • @theartylife I might be adding some details… I’m not quite sure yet. And thank you 😀
      @LCD sketch book! I am going crazy without it >.<

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