Finally, the earrings post!

I’ve been talking for a bit about putting up the pictures of the earrings I got from Dragon and Miss Kitty, and yet I haven’t put up those pictures. =.= Time to change that! ^_^

Those are the ones from Italy, now here come the ones from Dragon…….

Those are the ones I call the “angel wing” earrings. There are three, in case the picture does not show that. 😛

Ruby (one of my birds) is going to think I'm favoring her when I wear these.....

Read the caption.

What do you call the ones in this last picture? Studs? I’m not really sure at the moment. XD Anyway, the ones in the last picture are from Miss Kitty and Grandma (thank you!), and so were the ones in the first picture. The other two were from Dragon (thank youz again!) and now I must go because something extremely interesting is being watched on the computer next to me……



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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6 Responses to Finally, the earrings post!

  1. MissKittyInTheCity says:

    Hey Honey! The last pair were ones you left at the new place when we moved and you tried on the bottle cap earrings from Grandma. I found them on the table and Grandma was the one who remembered to bring them finally! 🙂 But I will take credit if you want 😉

    • LCD says:

      XD No no, I’m sure you can stand to share the credit. 😉 And if I saw them that day, I don’t remember. I think I might have to get pictures of the bottlecap earrings too and post them on the blog. 😛 You’ll have to send me the Etsy link.

  2. Now the question is: which earing is she wearing on the other ear? 😉 Glad you like them BR 😀

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