Dream reply to my previous post

The previous post being “DX Suffering…. suffering…. suffering… complete Hell”. Anyway, last night I had a weird dream. Now, in this dream, I woke up, got dressed etc. etc. Mail came, and I got a copy of Tony DiTerlizzi’s limited edition sketchbook. o.O And strangely enough, I didn’t start jumping around screaming my head off and hugging the book to myself. I calmly started flipping through it, and now I don’t remember half the images that I saw. -.- Which makes me upset, but oh well. Anyway, the dream goes through the whole freaking day, including Skype chats with friends, and then into the next one, and I get my copy of The King of the Trees finally. Unfortunately, the dream ended then, and I actually woke up for real.

Yeah, so when the mail arrived today, no book of any sort arrived, so I was kinda disappointed. Too bad I can’t see the future, if I could, I would be able to tell when my book arrives, for real. *sighs* “Dream on”, they say? Weeeeell that seems to be all I can do at the moment, imagining what’s between the covers of the book until it arrives and I can start tearing into it with my eyes. XD Of course, I’d never damage a book on purpose. O.O That’s just too horrible to think about.



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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3 Responses to Dream reply to my previous post

  1. XD Sounds like a cool dream. What images do you remember from the sketch book?

    • LCD says:

      The images I remember from the sketchbook were ones I’d seen on his blog, which is why I’m upset. I just know the other ones were cool, and not remembering them is extremely frustrating!

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