The truth about speed swimming and laptops

My mom gave me her old laptop, O_O I’m SO EXCITED! I’m writing a story, and the laptop comes in real handy. I can take the laptop up to my room, type there, put what I’ve written on my thumbdrive, and take it downstairs to put it on my computer :D. Anyway, speed swimming! I’ve been involved in speed swimming since I was 8 (6 years ago) and I absolutely love it! I’m not gonna tell you the name of the club, because you’d be able to stalk me then O.o. So ya… I had morning practice today, up at 5:50, at the pool by 6:15, stretch, in the water by 6:30, swim until 7:30. Then get out, maybe get a doughnut ( 🙂 ). Swimmers might whine and complain about the early morning meets (where you race) and the everyday practices, but we really love it. We love the practices when you work so hard you feel like you’re going to puke your guts out, getting up at 5am to drive to some meet. We love the rush you get when you swim so fast in a race, you get a best time. Nothing compares to that rush. We love being there to help the new kids learn what meets are all about, and barely making it to your race because of it. Okay, enough deep moment, stop it, Dragon. So ya, I had morning practice, and during the main set (10 75s ((3 laps of the pool=75 metres))) I was pushing myself so hard, I almost felt like dying. We had to do two laps of freestyle, five strokes without breathing. I was fine for the first five 75s, but after that, I was sucking in as much air as I could. My ribs weren’t too impressed with that, and were telling me “NO! We don’t bend that far! Stop, you crazy person!” If I had listened, my coach would’ve been “Vat are jou doink? Svim! Svim!” So I just pushed through the pain. By the end, my ribs had broken down and started sobbing, so had most of my muscles. I survived! I was so surprised :S. There was no doughnut after, which made my soul go “0.o NOEZ!” Annnnyway. After I got home, I had a shower. I swear those things are gods gift to man. I smell like kiwis now ^_^. “Comfy cutie freash and fruity.” That’s from Runaway by Josh Greene. I am comfy (I iz wearing baggy sweat pants, and a loose shirt from swimming), not 100 percent sure about the cutie part ;P, but I AM fruity!


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