What things make a character think “FML”?

Hey dere peoplez. :3 If you know YA Highway,  you will know they have these things called “Road Trip Wednesdays”. I added their new banner for it in the widgets sidebar if you would like to get to their blog. You either use that, or the link in the blogroll. Anyway, the question/topic this week was:

“If your favorite fictional characters submitted to FMyLife, what would they write?”

So…….. what exactly would my favorite fictional characters submit I wonder? :S Does this only apply to literature, or can I apply it to games as well? Seeing as I don’t really have time to ask, because I want this post done A.S.A.P., I shall just have to forge ahead and hope I’m doing this right. XD

Let’s see now…. I think Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice would do something along the lines of “I propose to this lady so that she can be happy instead of me, and she declines and accuses me of hurting a gentleman who has done everything wrong to me while I have done nothing to him!” I can just imagine it. XD And please remember that I said “something along the lines of”, I am not saying that is what he would say exactly. 😛 I think I’m having too much fun with this already……

Frair Hugo from the Redwall books (Redwall and Mattimeo) would have something along the lines of “Today I made an enormous cake for the feast this evening, and that bottomless pit known as Basil Stag Hare went and ate half of it, then stole the rest for later!” I can just imagine his indignant squeaking as he chases after Basil, rolling pin in hand, dock leaf held in tail.

And now, because it just popped into my head, I ask you, do you know that German Shepherd Dog from Beverley Hills? I bet that one of his submissions would be something like “I just escaped from almost certain death, only to be saddled with this whiny, complaining chihuahua.”

Back to books. Let’s see….. *mentally searches through list of books* The creepy other-mother from Coraline would have something along the lines of “I finally got the key from that brat this morning, but she trapped my handin the well and nailed the cover over it!” Insert FML here.

After the other-mother would be Xanth from the Edge Chronicles. “I escape from the Tower of Night, saving Magda’s life, and then my best friend loses his memory and Magda disappears, leaving me friendless among a lot of people who wish me ill.” Poor Xanth, I feel sorry for him. On to the next poor soul! XD

Seeing as I’m adding videogames to this….. Shadow the Hedgehog would say something like (I’m basing this of his game) “So we stopped that metal guy from taking over the world. Now, when I just want to contemplate the meaning of my existence in peace, this starfish guy shows up and so does that irritating blue hedgehog, now they’re both trying to tell me to either kill the other, or kill the other aliens or the human soldiers. And they won’t shut up and go away.” I’m sure he’d have a pretty forceful “FML” moment there. Probably Chaos Blasting anyone nearby.

Back, once again, to books. I think this will be the last one seeing as I’m running out of ideas. “The Great Kate Weather Machine” from the first Mysterious Benedict Society book. “I lost my bucket on the sea floor, and now we lost Milligan.” 😛 I enjoy this too much, I should do it again some time. XD Anyway…….. that’s all for this post! See you next post, which looks like it’s about music……. *peers at crystal ball through magnifying glass*


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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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8 Responses to What things make a character think “FML”?

  1. I think Sam Temple from Gone would say something like:
    “So all the adults disapear, and kids are running amok. Then kids start developing powers. Everyone turns to me to save them and keep them safe from a phsychotic, tentical armed evil being named Drake” I think that one tops the FML charts 😛

  2. Kate says:

    Don’t worry, there’s no “right”– you can do whatever you want with the prompt! 🙂

    I would definitely say FML if I were stuck with a chihuahua. LOL

    • LCD says:

      Thanks for letting me know. 🙂 Yup, I’d say the same. Unless it was a nice, incredibly sweet tempered chihuahua. And thanks for commenting!

  3. Kaitlin says:

    hahaha I liked this, especially the chihuahua one.

  4. Erinn says:

    The Sonic one was pretty awesome. Very funny.
    Here’s one for Mario,
    “OK I’ve rescued my girlfriend from a Turtle dragon thing, how many times? And not only am I not getting any, but my weird looking brother who can super jump, gets the HOT Girlfriend… not cool people, not cool at all.”

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