iPod updateszzz

O_O LCD told me over Skype about a new update for iPod touches that lets you have a background image on your home screen, and lets you group your applications into folders. I AM SO HAPPY! You had to get your iPod jail-broken before you could have a home screen image ^_^. That’s all I really had to say… 😛 LOOK OUT FOR THE PURPLE ELEPHANT!! *runs away*


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5 Responses to iPod updateszzz

  1. LCD says:

    XD Look out for the purple elephant? Where in the world did that come from? And I’m happy too! I’ve got Beelzemon for both my Home wallpaper and Lock screen wallpaper. :3

  2. Åfe3f says:

    technically, u can also have a theme and other stuff running for itouch too…..u can now jailbreak any iDevice with ‘spirit’, google it. 🙂

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