Music, sugar, “and so on and so forth”

“What if we die and find out God is a chicken?”
“Just eat your dinner.”
“Eternal consequences! That’s what!”

Calvin has the most interesting excuses for getting out of things doesn’t he? Anyway….. there’s a playlist in this post, and then a bunch of random babble for you. 😛 Or maybe not so random, but who cares. Okay, so let’s get on with the music. Then the explanations for how I found the songs on the playlist.

Scatman John

  • Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)

Foo Fighters

  • The Pretender

Three Days Grace

  • Just Like You
  • Riot
  • Animal I Have Become (or whatever it’s called. The title doesn’t come to mind right now)


  • Gave It All Away

Thousand Foot Krutch

  • My Own Enemy

Alex C

  • Angel of Darkness

Scatman was found when one of my bros was watching a YouTube video (a Mario one) with the song playing for it. If you find the music video for it, that is also pretty amazing. Foo Fighters…… well, this one will take a bit of time. Last night, I got the urge to watch some Digimon (don’t ask why), and I really didn’t feel like watching the first episode, so I skipped a bit. After about a third, I was like “I want to see some Black WarGreymon stuff”, so I went and typed that into YouTube and found a bunch of tributes. So I watched a few of those (that’s how I found Just Like You, Animal I Have Become, and Gave It All Away). Then I noticed a digimon that looked pretty cool in a preview for some other sort of tribute. The digimon was called Beelzemon. That’s how I found The Pretender, Riot, My Own Enemy, and Angel of Darkness (again, the first time I heard Angel of Darkness was for a Shadow the Hedgehog tribute). So that’s that explained. Hey, isn’t it weird that I like Shadow the Hedgehog, who’s all dark and trying to figure out who he really is, and is actually not a true bad guy, and then I also like Black WarGreymon (who’s sort of the same), and Beelzemon (who’s only “bad” because he had a bit of a rough time when he was Impmon) who eventually goes over to the good side and helps them save the world or whatever. The only thing I don’t like with Beelzemon is A) he killed Leomon, LEOMON! One of the other most awesome Digimon of all time, and B) I think he died at the end of Digimon Tamers. O.O

But off the subject of TV show and videogame characters, let’s get to the sugar part of the post. You see, this morning, the first thing I had to eat today was something from Starbucks (if that doesn’t make you think “Uh oh…..” I don’t know what will), and I also had a raspberry frapp at the same time. Deeeeeeelicious. :3 Anyway, the sugar hasn’t fully kicked in yet (maybe because I had stew when I got back home from Starbys), but I expect it to at some point or other today……

And guess what? MY LIBRARY CARD WAS REDISCOVERED! 😀 I didn’t have to go buy another one! I’m so happy. ^_^ NO BOOK IS SAFE FROM ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay maybe the sugar has kicked in. O.o The King of the Trees hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, so I’m getting all antsy about that, but there’s here’s some good book related news: I found a widget thingy from Goodreads that doesn’t use flash. ^_^ This is why (you might have noticed) that there are book covers in the widget sidebars instead of just a long list of titles. Well…. the ones I have to review are still titles, seeing as some are TV shows or Apps. 😛 Anyway, I can’t seem to figure out how to get them to line up so they don’t go down in single file. ¬_¬

Hey, have you ever watched Fawlty Towers? John Cleese is in it. Recently, I watched the first episode in season two, “Communication Problems”. There’s this woman who needs a hearing aid, but doesn’t turn it on because it wastes batteries. -.- Anyway, here’s my favorite quote: “I should like a view of the sea!”
“I believe it’s over there between the land and the sky.” I LOVE Basil’s lines! XD And at another point, she’s saying that the bathtub isn’t big enough to drown a mouse in. I think Basil said in reply (in a low voice) that it was big enough to drown her. Ah…..

Question: Have you ever forgotten your sunglasses when you’re going to go somewhere, even if you aren’t in a rush? I seem to do it all the time. -.- And mostly, the only times I do remember them, it’s either cloudy, or raining. I don’t think I’d be allowed to tape them to the door to remind myself to grab them, so that’s out of the question. Oh! I’ve heard there’s going to be a new Sonic game…….. Sonic Colours. My reaction? Three dots. Why? Do you seriously need to ask? It looks almost like an SMG/SMG2 rip-off! I mean COME ON! SEGA, you’ve got a good cast of characters, make Sonic a little less annoying, give Shadow more spotlight, don’t rip off Nintendo’s storylines, bring back some old characters (Honey the Cat, Nack the Weasel, Bark and Bean!) and your fans will appreciate it much more than constant adding of NEW characters who might or might not be used more than once.

Now that that rant is out of the way……… I would like to discuss a story idea of sorts I got when I thought of it. Be warned, if your sense of humor is anything like mine, you might start laughing. Hard. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s start shall we? ^_^

“Sonic Colours, episode ONE! The wisp under the quills.” [insert brother doing an echo effect here] “Everything was okay for Bobby the wisp, when suddenly, this huge FAT MAN started bombing their planet and everyone was like ‘AAAAAAAAAAAH!’ and ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!’ They fled the scene which looked vaguely like a scene from Horton Hears a Who. A wisp randomly appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog’s path. Who was it? LARRY the wisp, Bobby the wisp’s little baby brothah! Larry looked up at Sonic, screamed like a little girl, and fled. Sonic chased after him, for of course Sonic loves chasing little creatures and finding out what the problem is, when usually the problem is him. So, after a bit of mindless screaming and cheese chasing, Sonic finally caught Larry who was surprisingly fast. And Sonic had become surprisingly slow during the chase for some reason…. So Sonic caught Larry and because Larry would not say anything that he could understand, which means that Larry was starting to spew math, and Sonic does not understand math. So he stored him in his quills, and suddenly, there was a warmth in his quills, and he was thinking ‘Aww man did the little dude go to the bathroom?’ But then, Sonic found as he raced along as usual, mindlessly just plowing through the wind,  he was going faster than normal! So not was he able to break the sound barrier, seeing people speed by and not knowing what the hell they were saying, he suddenly realized he could go at the speed of light! So he tried it for about two seconds, and then he crashed into something very hard. Unfortunately for him this something happened to be Shadow the Hedgehog who immediately whipped out his gun. And Sonic was like ‘No not in front of the keeds!’ And Shadow was like, ‘What keeds?’ and Sonic was like ‘The kid I have stored in my quills!’ And then Shadow asked ‘Since when did you kidnap children?'”

I wish I could upload the recording I did for that. XD  I did it on the day I first found out about Sonic Colours, around the end of last week I think. It was highly amusing. 😛 My favorite parts were “and Sonic did not understand math”, and “Since when did you kidnap children?” XD Yes, I’m insane and it’s highly contageous. Live with it! Speaking of contageous….. oh nevermind. I’ve got two draft posts (which I think I might have mentioned before), one being about mango popsicles which Zoe made, and about a question regarding crabs and jail.

I think that’s all for now, I seriously have to go calm down from my laugh fest. 😛 TTYL peoplez!



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