In the last book, Physik, we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger. Now, I reaaaaaaaally don’t like it when books end in cliffhangers, especially when I really like the book. This is only the case when the next book isn’t out yet, or there isn’t any chance of me getting a copy of the next book in my hands within about a day or two.

However, if I go without it long enough, I do eventually begin to be able to….. errr….. tolerate the fact that I don’t know what happens next. But enough with my book related grievances, let’s get to the actual summary of the story, then my opinions on it. 🙂 I read it awhile ago, so the details aren’t exactly fresh in my mind. Sorry ’bout that.

Teh summariez!

In the start of Queste, Nicko and Snorri discover one of Snorri’s relatives who disappeared. She tells them where all times do meet, the House of Foryx (Foryx are interesting creatures, I think they were fox-like, I don’t remember the specifics, only that I liked them). So they set off for it. In the “present”, where everyone else is, the woman that Nicko was apprenticed to at the boatyard, Jannet I think her name was, comes to terminate the apprenticeship until Nicko returns.

Meanwhile, Marcia assignes a “dragon sitter” of sorts to Spit Fyre so that Septimus can get on with his apprentice duties. If I was that boy, I’d complain a whole lot more than he did. Taking care of a dragon instead of studying is something I’d choose any day. Unless we were studying horses of course….. however, seeing as the teacher is Marcia, and you’d be having to learn magic, I don’t think anything equine would be taught. -_- Anyway, Septimus goes and visits Marcellus with Jenna, because he remembered something about Nicko and Snorri.

The stuff he remembered help them find some old notes of his regarding the House of Foryx, where Nicko and Snorri had gone. So they leave not long after that, with Marcia raging and storming (or maybe not). Simon Heap, the rotten egg of the family who apprenticed himself to Dom Daniel’s bones because he wanted to be the apprentice of the Extraordinary Wizard, bumps into her and she drops her notes, and they become wet.

She goes to Beetle, one of Septimus’s friends (I like Beetle, he’s a nice boy. ^_^), and he takes her to Ephaniah Grebe, [Direct quote from Wikipedia: Ephaniah Grebe: Conservation Scribe at the Manuscriptorium who stays in the basement due to a very odd hex that two books placed on him. He was saved by the Witch Mother Morwenna, though the hex made him half-man half-rat. He helps Jenna by restoring Nicko’s maps and documents.] Ephaniah is another of my favorite characters from that book, ’cause he’s really nice too. 🙂

Anyway, Ephaniah fixes the map….. but one piece is missing. This piece was stuck to Simon’s shoe I think… anyway, Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle set off for the House of Foryx, leaving all the adults to worry themselves sick. Isn’t it interesting that in the Septimus Heap books, they generally disappear on their adventures without letting the adults know with even a note? Sooner or later, Sarah Heap is going to have a heart attack from one of their little adventures…..

Oh wait, I didn’t mention that Merrin Meredith came and practically replaced Beetle, getting in touch with Tetrius Fume’s ghost and they make a deal, involving Merrin giving over his remaining Thing’s loyalty to Tetrius. Tetrius called a bit of a gathering thingy so that Septimus would have to draw a questing stone. No one had ever come back from their quests. Now, seeing as I like it when reviews give me at least one spoiler, I am going to give you guys one. Keep reading after the italics. Tetrius Fume somehow cursed the whole questing thing and the questing guards that accompany the person who’s going on a queste, so each person who went questing ended up dying. The quest was originally set up by Hotep Ra so that apprentices would get to come to the House of Foryx and meet him.

You can continue reading now. Anyway, Septimus escapes, and one of the wizards got possessed by Tetrius’s Thing, so she gave Septimus the questing stone and he accepted it without realizing it. They leave, and Tetrius puts the wizard tower under siege. They come out of siege when Spit Fyre accidentally eats and digests the bones of Dom Daniel, meaning that the gathering can never happen again, which means no more questing. Marcia is quite happy about this, and Alther is pleased that his old master has been dissolved, with no hope of ever reappearing.

Honestly, Dom Daniel is almost as bad as Queen Etheldredda was. They go to the Wendron Witches and Morwenna plans to get Jenna and Ullr to join her coven. Fortunately, Sam finds out and helps them escape to the Forest Way or whatever it was called. It sends them to this snowy place, meanwhile, Ephaniah gets possessed by the Thing (doesn’t ever give up does it?) and follows them. Anyway, after a bit, which involves having to leave a possessed Ephaniah behind (the poor rat-man was almost completely frozen) and continuing on. They meet this toll man who’s a real jerk to them, and they find out when it’s too late that the Thing possessed him, leaping from Ephaniah to him. So the guy dies, falling into this canyon, and they put Ephaniah in this treehouse thing and go on across the bridge towards the House of Foryx. Now, so I don’t give away the ending, I’ll stop talking about what happens.

As I said, my favorite characters in this are Beetle and Ephaniah, though Snorri’s father was also a very nice man, and Hotep Ra was extremely nice. I also liked how Marcia got to kick Tetrius out of the wizard tower and Dom Daniel got dissolved. ^_^ I take a lot of strange pleasure in reading about the demise of the truly despicable characters in books. I’m not sure why… I’ll have to think about that now. If you don’t mind, I’ll excuse myself so I can do so.


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