Ninja viruses, interesting posts, and other stuff

Hey people, you know how I posted before saying I was sick? I almost felt back to normal last evening. That’s when the “ninja virus” part kicked in, in my opinion. This morning I woke up with my throat feeling extremely weird (how do you describe the different ways your throat feels when you have a cold? The only one I can identify is fuzzy, and that wasn’t what I was experiencing), and one of my nostrils blocked. -.- A cold is like a distant relative that doesn’t visit that much, but once they’ve arrived, you wish they were gone. Not that I have any relatives like that myself, but still, you get what I mean. I think. Anyway, I haven’t really read that much (“OMG YOU HAVEN’T READ THAT MUCH?! YOU MUST REALLY NOT BE FEELING WELL!”), so I haven’t finished any new books recently. I’ve read a couple of fanfictions though, and during those I  have to take a break, or I fall asleep. Not because they aren’t interesting, but because of… I don’t know what. So I’ve read a couple of interesting posts recently, regarding things like ideas, offending people uninentionally with what you write, and a few other things. Like stalking (don’t ask why). Now to get onto the other stuff I mentioned in the title.

“Other stuff”, it can mean a whole lot. Like some not-so-vital things in a plan to rob a bank, or some optional things in a recipe for a cake. Great, now I’ve made myself want cake, and I was already wanting something sweet. -.- I think I shall have to grab a stick of gum, back in a minute.

Now that I’ve only got four pieces of my appricot and blueberry gum remaining, I can get on with this post. I enjoy that gum too much. O.O Have you ever had a time where you’ve got about three story ideas in your head, and you’re trying to write all three, but you’ve encountered writer’s block with one, a blank screen on the second, and almost no freaking plot idea for the third? Along with lame titles? Yeaaaaaaaah….. I’m there right now. I might be living in a state of partial denial with my cold, but not with my writing. So I was flipping through some notes I made around a month or so ago, and found a list of two apps I wanted to buy. Name Scroll, and Writer’s Block Buster. I ended up buying both. Name Scroll is a little annoying with it’s animation thing (even though it looks and sounds cool). Sometimes I want to just have the meaning of the name “right now, at once, immediately”, instead of waiting for the parchment to roll up, then unroll. Writer’s Block Buster is pretty weird with some things, but does generate interesting things for me to look at, I’ve already made up a new character with it. Aalis Vinetti. Don’t ask why I gave her that last name, honestly. The first one I found with Name Scroll, it’s and Old French form of the name Alice. 😛 Which I found pretty sweet. And then I started thinking of Venice, because my bros were playing Sly Cooper 3, and had beaten Octavio earlier, so then “Vinetti” popped into my head as a last name, even though I don’t plan on Aalis being Italian or anything… okay now I’m starting to think of possibilities and canceling what I said not so long ago out. -.-

Let’s move on from the dangerous waters of inspiration, they’re a writer’s best friend, but they can be pretty dangerous in a blog post (in my opinion). Let’s head to the realm of music. The free iTunes single of the week where I am is Society by DVAS. It’s pretty nice, and it’s genre is dance. However, if I danced to it, I think I might end up looking pretty ridiculous. Oh! I just remembered (how could I forget?) that Miss Kitty got me four mini nailpolishes recently. Two are Shrek OPI colours, Who the Shrek are you, and Fiercely Fiona. I’m not sure what the other colours are, but I know they’re Summer Flutter (or was it Flutter Summer?) OPI colours. One is orange, the other is a pretty sweet shade of red. My Mom put on the second coat last night. Seeing as I couldn’t decide which colour to wear first, I’m wearing all of them on alternate nails. On my right hand, I’ve got Who the Shrek are you (which is a great shade of green in my opinion) on my thumb and pinky, it’s on the ring finger of my left hand. Fiercely Fiona is on my right index finger, and my left middle finger. The orange one is on my right middle finger, and my left index finger. The red is on my right ring finger, and on the thumb and pinky of my left hand. So basically my fingernails look like they’re autumn harvest colours to me. Seriously!

I’ll have to take pictures eventually….. I think that will be once I’m better, but you never know. I haven’t really watched much Doctor Who recently (though I have read a few summaries of episodes on Wikipedia, and boy do the ones with the crying angel thingies sound freaky), but I have watched Shaun the Sheep (which was amusing) and some Fawlty Towers (“I should like a view of the sea!”
“I believe it’s over there between the land and the sky.”) Plus a little bit of Digimon. Okay, a whole lot. It’s been a bit of Digimon Adventures 2 (because of the awesomeness that is either Ken, Stingmon, Paildramon, or (most of all) BlackWarGreymon), and Digimon Tamers. More of Tamers though, seeing as Beelzemon is currently at the top of my fav digimon list. I especially like his little line in episode 43 (Beelzemon’s Big Day): “I’m blast mode beautiful and don’t you forget it”. XD Of course, this is the English Dub, because I can’t seem to find it in Japanese with subtitles. -.- At least, not the last part, where in the English Dub, Beelzemon’s trying to figure out why they’re laughing at him.

I think that’s it on the TV shows, let’s see…. do I have any other interesting news….? I’m not sure how interesting this is, but I’ve started listening to the radio, thanks to this app I bought, TuneIn Radio. Now, I’m not really a fan of radio, mainly because it sounds like people are shouting when they are doing news, and there are too many ads. However, it does introduce me to interesting music that I might not have found otherwise, and then there’s that little quote “Inspiration is everywhere”. I don’t want to possibly miss inspiration for a completely fantastic story.

So with that in mind, I don’t skip through the ads or the news. Only when it’s negative, or it’s like “Will you just shut up?!” do I skip to the music. And so far, I got inspiration for a little scene for one of my stories. I’m hoping it will fit into one of the ones I’m writing, otherwise one of them is going to get dropped, and I certainly don’t want it to be the one I’ve been working on for the longest. Maybe I should drop one of the ideas for now anyway, and pick up one of the older, dustier, ideas I abandoned ages ago, like the one I had with all the incredibly odd robots.

Seriously, what robot would have a name like Rittiki? You tell me! It almost sounds like a rip off of some sort of the babboon from the Lion King. I think I shall go now, for I need a glass of water and something munchable. Adieu, dear reader(s)! XD



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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