5am is the middle of the purple elephant monkey

Well it’s official. I fail. I meant to post this a loooooong time ago, back before school ended and I got to enjoy this thing called sleep. Well, better late than never? I don’t really get that staement, because if I’m late for an apointment or something, my mother will bite my head off -.-. So anyway, here’s the post.

Today I got up at 5am (A-FLIPPING-M!!) for swim practice. You know you’re cool when… -.- O_O I am SO hungry now because I didn’t have breakfast 😦  and lunch was a small bowl of chili and rice :X. I’m writting this in math class right now SUSHOLA!!! 😉 I’m allowed because I haz no homework. 😀 I think I’ve started to halucinate (jk) I’m seeing red and blue and greeny-black dots @.@ Stupid speed swimming is making me act high -.-. My friend (who is sitting beside me reading this over my shoulder) is questioning me joining swimming in the first place. I am too, at the moment. But I luvvies it, so I suppose I won’t be stopping any time soon. I’m already at six years. -.-‘ *falls asleep*

So I hope this short little in-class blurble thingy amused you somewhat 😛

~Dragon (O.O SQUIGGLE!)

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2 Responses to 5am is the middle of the purple elephant monkey

  1. LCD says:

    XD It certainly amused me. 🙂

    • Well I’m glad at least one person is amused by my brain unraveling 😉 😀 I should do more posts where I just blather on about nothing in particular… Hmmm….

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