:O It’s another drawings post! I’m thinking about doing more of these, so tell me what you think 🙂
Soulmates <3

I always loved the idea of soulmates, so without revealing my horrible in-ability to draw humans, I drew a couple soulmates 😛

 My favorite book with soulmates in it is the Night World series 🙂


I have no idea why it's blue >.<

 I had my camera on normal mode, and it took a blue picture. Why me?! Anyway, this drawing came to be when I was drawing a poler bear blinking in a blizard (I was bored and thinking about snow, ‘kay?) then it evolved into THIS! Minus the blue bits 😛

Raven 1

Ditto to the blueness of this pic

WHY DO YOU KEEP TURNING OUT BLUE?! -.-‘ Anyway. this is supposed to be a raven made of smoke, I got the smoke effect right on THIS picture:

Raven #2

If you really must know, my foot is covering my name. This way, you can’t find and shoot me while I sleep :X I’m drawing raven because the villan of the story I’m writting is a raven. Named Gruu. Kudos to LCD for finding that name for me 😀


The protagonist of the story I'm writting.

 I’m actualy pleased with how this turned out. A first for my people drawings 😛


It's an iDog O_O Who woulda guessed?

‘Nuff said


I want a pony!

I love horses :X, maybe not as much as LCD, but still

This is what a REAL winged horse looks like!

 I was so bored, I shadded the whole page for no reason -.- Sometimes I question myself

Issa cheetah

 I was all set to draw a snowleopard, but it turned out to look more like a cheetah, so I just went with it :P.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my art, as weird and unprofesional as it is. Who in their right mind draws an iDog? Oh well. I’ve never claimed to be 100% sane anyway.


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3 Responses to iCheetah

  1. LCD says:

    A gifted person draws an iDog. If you’re insane and doing so, you’re not gifted. You’re a miracle. 😉 The world needs more people who draw iDogs! XD

  2. I like the iDog! It looks very 3D. 😉

  3. Misskittyinthecity says:

    I love looking at art and seeing how your talent grows and different techniques you use. Keep posting them! 😉

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