Cloud gnomes

It is teh cloudy gnomez! :O

“Dream the best dreams, because a fairy could be passing, and just might grant it.”

I wrote this on Wednesday, I wasnt actually on the highway today.

Driving on the highway… When you’re a passenger, you can stare out the window and imagine things, or count how many horses you’ve seen (14 right now). I have no idea what the experience is like for the driver. Even though I can’t identify most of the trees, I imagine names for them, or guess at what they are (is that a Redwood? Is that an Ash?). Last night I stayed at a hotel, because we took one of my brothers to be with our Dad for a mini vacation of sorts. The hotel was nice, and I think I might use Mom’s joke to describe it: “You have to go past Vipassana to get to Merritt.” We didn’t see any owls on our way there, so that was disappointing. Until around four in the morning, I was convinced that Mom was going to come tell us it was time to go, so I stayed up reading Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. It was a good book.
As I write this and we drive along the highway, heading home, I think of the possibility of cloud gnomes, and question. If there were cloud gnomes, just what in the world would they do? Maybe they fly around delivering happiness, or when they are in a mood, anger, fright, and soaking wet “human beans” as Dootsie from Stargirl calls human beings.
There are some purple flowers on a hill we passed, I wonder what they are called? Pity Zoe didn’t take a picture. I think the camera’s battery might have run out. Do you ever reflect on nature as you drive along a highway? I do sometimes, wondering about why humans are interested in nature, yet continue to tear down trees or shoot animals and leave them.
Is it because we label them as animals, which automatically defines them as beings without sentient thought? I prefer a label I found for them in a book, the People. I think I’ll call them that. Have you ever had cars go by you so fast their drivers seem almost like shadows? Shadow drivers? It’s interesting when that happens, I find it seems, just for a moment, as if the whole world outside the car is full of shadow drivers, all the shadows of people, living and passed on. It’s as if you’ve entered a living library, full of real memories, no second-hand accounts of things. You can get the view from the experience of thousands of people who have seen it, or the few who appreciated something before modernization whipped it away.
There’s still some snow on a few mountains, getting warm must be extremely tough up there! Have you ever seen a cliff with water running down it? Or a mountain side that seems to be made completely out of rock, lined by weather in some attempt to create a picture of something humans may never see? Maybe the weather is some fourth dimensional being’s pencils, and the mountain is the sketchbook.
How small we are, compared to some of the things in our world, yet how great an expanse our minds are, like a never ending meadow, covered in a seemingly eternal spring.
Okay I’ll go back to observing for a bit before I continue being so solemn.

Areas of mountain with seemingly tangled thread and dirt, with a scattering of bone white logs. I really don’t like the sight. It’s as if you’re witnessing something you shouldn’t be, as if you’re setting eyes on the death of something strange and wonderful. Something that has already happened that you can’t change for the better.

Lizard mountain is... reptilian. >.<

There’s something about a river that makes you feel awe, respect. It’s strong, but controlled. Sort of like a bear I guess. It’s always in control of itself, even if it looks out of control it isn’t.

Question, what sort of truck has holes all over the trailer? It was in the oncoming traffic so I didn’t really get a good look. I just saw some blue flowers… I wonder what sort they were? I’m not sure where we are right now, but it’s the area I call the dragon mountains. Why? Because each time I pass this area I see some form of dragon face on the mountain side.
The last time, the dragon was asleep. This time it looked like an uncle, and he was wide awake. He had eye ridges, and a jaw sort of like a komodo dragon’s. He looks sinister, but at the same time looks like a nice person.

Now I’m seeing blocky feline faces, a whole bunch. I don’t think I’ll bother with giving them separate names and personalities, seeing as I didn’t see all of them before we were past them. Sort of annoying if you know what I mean.

I’ve got Everything Reminds Me of My Dog by Jane Sibbery playing in my head right now (32 horses now), and I can’t get it out. How annoying…

36 horses as of this moment. It’s weird, I should have seen more than that by now. Have I been too wrapped in this entry, or my thoughts?

40 horses, 39, 38, and 37 were close to the road but we didn’t have the camera out. O_O

I just saw a monarch butterfly and a bunch of abnormally large daisies. 🙂

Huge blackberry bush at the side of the highway. No blackberries, no; but it still makes me want blackberries. And to make things worse, traffic has slowed down. Dang traffic jams and line ups!

Traffic is better now, thank gosh. Now to look out for more horses…

51 horses! *crows triumphantly* I’m not going to have the lamest highway game score after all!

54, I want to get 60 at least, even though that isn’t my best score.

63! And two were colts! I am very happy. ^_^


I’m very happy with my new high score, though I wish, as I do every time, that I’d seen more horses. I wonder what will happen when, and if, I reach 100. I’ll worry about that when I have to. And so we’re almost, almost home. I’ll end this entry with that, and the fact that inspiration comes from everywhere.



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