Story ideas: Which to drop, which to keep, which to start

Pensive parakeet is... pensive

That pensive parakeet sort of looks like my parakeet/budgie…… Ruby. Hmmmm…… Anyway, let’s get to the subject at hand (or talon?) I have about five story ideas now, all of which I like. Two are shiny and new, two are oldish, and one is in-between. I’ll give a basic overview of each idea.

Oldest one: This boy is supposed to help these robots with something or other, them and their creator, who happens to be a mad scientist who thinks you can make cream puffs out of dog hair and gunpowder. This story idea has almost no plotline whatsoever, so it’s one of the ones I’m more likely to drop, even though I like the robots I made. 😛

Second oldest one: Earth has different layers or reality to it, named after different articles of clothing (hat, shirt, etc. The halo is the only thing that isn’t something you were), and a girl comes from the hat, the layer where we reside, and has to help a bunch of ‘mythical’ creatures stop this necrodragon from destroying all the layers. I’m currently writing this one with Dragon, and it has the least chance of being dropped.

Middle-ish one: There are two layers of reality (what is it with me and layers of reality?) and the two main characters have differen’t….. problems. The girl can’t feel textures at all, and she can’t smell. The guy is blind, and they reaaaaally don’t like each other. Despite this, they’ve gotta stop a whole bunch of creatures led by this evil dragon from turning every single light creature into a dark one. I’m not so sure about this one’s chances of staying, I like it, but I just might set it aside for now.

Newish idea: There’s this weird being called the “Mistress” who needs this thingy called the Castor Eye, which supposedly belonged to some shape-shifter version of Odin. The thing is, the shape-shifter version can turn into a beaver, so the Castor Eye controls the beavers, who are the only creatures who actually start any rebellions against the “Mistress”. I was looking up “castor oil” when I got the idea for this, thanks to the fact that I looked it up in the dictionary and got a lot of related results. There isn’t really any plot idea, so it’s probably going to be set aside until I get one, or merge it with another idea.

Newest idea: The world is basically a huge wilderness, with lots of forests etc. And a mix of times. Where civilization is, it’s either medieval (where the world is for them naturally), 26th century (from a completely different dimension), or Victorian (also from another dimension). The main character is an apprentice alchemist, named Marcellus. Anyway, he gets kidnapped by slavers who also managed to somehow catch some sort of forest god named Hanovar. Hanovar teaches Marcellus more alchemy along with some wizard tricks, and they become friends and eventually decide to stop slavery. I’m still not quite clear on how they do this. I’m currently writing up a plot for it.

Now, the oldest ones are “dull”, and I have the least motivation to do them (the one Dragon and I are working on is still going steadily though, seeing as she keeps on helping me with inspiration when I become stuck, and I occasionally come up with good lines, like “You owe me Mars”). The middle-ish one is obviously in the middle, and I can’t decide whether I’m going to keep on working on it, or set it aside for a bit. The newer, or shinier, ideas are the ones that I feel most inclined to work on furiously. However… if I do that and leave the other ideas alone, they’ll eventually get dull too, and I’ll suddenly get more shiny ideas which I’ll tear off after. This means that I’ll be left with a whole bunch of unfinished ideas that could have become quite awesome, but I never pushed on with.

So, which ones do you think I should keep? I’ll go now and watch my bro playing Super Paper Mario…. and probably add more to the newest idea via user notes on Writer’s Block Buster.

Talk to you later dear readers!



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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9 Responses to Story ideas: Which to drop, which to keep, which to start

  1. amanda says:

    I don’t know…I tend to think the older ideas stick around for a reason. The ones I just can’t let go of I eventually need to write. Whether they sell or not, is a whole ‘nother story.

    • LCD says:

      Yeah. >.< I just hope that if I complete them, they get published. Otherwise only acquaintances of mine will end up reading them. 😛

  2. MissKittyInTheCity says:

    Middle-ish, New-ish and Newest. The other ones don’t have the same clarity and depth in my humble opinion. 🙂 These three fleshed out a bit more would be interesting and enjoyable to read!

  3. :] Definitely keep the newest one! [the one about the Alchemist] It sounds very interesting!

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