Pocket full of pirate horses

NATASHA BEDINGFIELD POST!! Yay! =3 I have more Natasha than any other artists. Is that sad? I believe it is. *sigh* I supose there’s worse things in life. In no particular order, heer iz NB songz!

  • Angel
  • Pocket Full of Sunshine
  • Freckles
  • Backyard
  • Peice of Your Heart
  • Frogs And Princes
  • How Do You Do?
  • If Your Gonna
  • Love Like This
  • Peace of Me
  • Pirate Bones
  • Single
  • Soulmate
  • These Words
  • Wild Horses
  • We’re All Mad
  • Who Knows
  • (No More) What Ifs
  • I’m a Bomb
  • Silent Movie

0.0 That’s not even all her songs that I have. My favorites are: Pirate Bones, Wild Horses, Freckles, How Do You Do?,  Single, Soulmate (because I looove that sorta thing :3), We’re All Mad, and Frogs and Princes. 😀


 *clicks “Publish” button*

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