RTW on Fri… wait, WHAT?!

I can’t believe my post for this weeks Road Trip Wednesday didn’t get through! I suppose terrible wi-fi is to be expected when you go camping for four days. :/ Ah well. Let us remedy the problem NOW. ^_^

This Week’s Topic:
What would your ideal writing desk look like? Right down to the perfect pen or laptop.

Sounds like a perfect topic to me. ^_^ Let’s see…….. um……. darn it, why can’t I think of anything now? I had it perfectly in my head on Wednesday. Maybe it’s because it’s been two days since I thought about it. Hmm. Okay then… desk…….. errrr………. I think it would be the desk I have now actually. O_O It’s black, and could fit three of my old computer side by side with a little room to spare on each side. And besides, it looks cool! Did I mention it was black?

The ideal computer would probably be…. a newer mac so that I could download things like the latest iTunes update! O_o Honestly, do you know how AWFUL it is to not be able to sync your iPod with your computer, and not be able to buy videos on your iTunes? I’m telling you it’s horrible. Next on the list: Perfect pen. I’ve known what my “perfect pen” is for years. One of the Canada Post pens that we’ve got lying around the house. 😛 They are also black, but they are comfortable in the hand. Mine at least.  I think I’d be able to work with any pencil, as long as it didn’t feel grainy. When it feels like that, I get distracted and my fingers get seriously displeased by the texture. Makes me feel as if I’ve got dry skin. O.o

Treats for the desk: A big bowl of ze gummy worms. :3 I love the chewiness….. and it’s either that, or a bowl of Big Turk bars. 😛 Turkish delight and chocolate…… the ULTIMATE combo! XD The ideal chair for me would probably be some sort of comfortable chair that can spin in a complete circle, and that can be leaned back. It’s either that chair, or a huge exercise ball. Believe it or not, they’re very comfortable seats for when you find yourself typing things out.

A glass of orange juice would be a necessity, so I just might need a mini fridge by the desk, seeing as I like cold orange juice. Room temperature is good too, but I prefer it when there is that bit of frostiness. A shelf would be good too, for reference books and folders of pictures or stuff like that. Pictures from magazines I mean, stuff from a digital camera can be stored on the computer (hooray for cameras!)

I think that’s it….. oh no wait, a good pencil sharpener and a craft knife would also be good. The craft knife for sharpening pencils as well, but in that case, it would be for making them easier to draw with. ^_^

So that’s my perfect desk! If you want to see descriptions of other perfect desks, take a look at the YA Highway post for this Road Trip Wednesday. 🙂



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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