Introducing, Moi

Hello, you may know me through LCD’s posts about filming my videos, photography collages with often perfectionist slants (on my part), and other odd mentions on this blog. Or maybe you know me through my food blog, Z’s Cup of Tea?

She said that I would bring order to this “random and chaotic” blog. Am I so far?

To be honest, I had not expected to win – for lack of a better work – the poll. In fact, the possibility, the idea of myself being inducted into her blog was a whim of fancy – then curiosity struck, and my sister, LCD, put up a poll – wondering what would happen, and also in two places: horror at the thought of her sister writing on her blog and her own curiosity about what could happen.

Frankly, I haven’t a clue what I’m going to write about here. But LCD has already ruled out some things that I am not allowed to post about, which includes recipes – for the record, my food writings will only be appearing on my blog at the moment.

As for my avatar, that was a photo taken in February 2010 for these flourless chocolate cupcakes that I made, and I posed, holding the plate with a cupcake and a scoop (or more correctly, a quenelle) of dairy-free coconut milk chocolate ice cream, with my Lauren Bacall tee shirt as the background. It’s one of my favourites still.

About Zoe

Writer (, gluten-free food blogger (, Pressgram ( evangelist and community leader.
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5 Responses to Introducing, Moi

  1. LCD says:

    O.O “Oh NO”, to quote the Mad March Hare. And NO RECIPES now or EVAR!!! Post them on your own blog. -.-

  2. MissKittyInTheCity says:

    Nice to meetcha! (bows)
    I noticed even though she banned recipes you got a foodie mention in… So you are a crafty one, too. Let’s see if you really do bring order or what I suspect…hijinks!! 😉

  3. XD the girls are taking over the blog! You, LCD, and me vs Kenkenaf and Genisis. Bwahahaha! 😉

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