Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches

Disclaimer: this is not a recipe!

Apparently grilled chocolate sandwiches are disturbing, according to LCD. (But I did see you eat a morsel of one, so how did you like it?) It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich, but instead of cheese, you use chocolate – or in this morning’s case, Nutella.

One day there will be a recipe, and more (better) photos to go with it, on my blog. Look out for it.

~!~ Z

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8 Responses to Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches

  1. Om nom nom :3 And SQUIGGLE! 😀

    • ;D We shall all have grilled chocolate/Nutella sandwiches soon! All we need are bread, butter, and chocolate (or Nutella)!

      • LCD says:

        *pales* MY NUTELLA SHALL NOT BE SACRIFICED FOR THIS HORRIFYING CULLINARY MONSTER!!!!!!!! *hides jar of nutella, then brings it back out and starts eating it quickly and mumbles* No one shall have my nutella for sandwich versions of Frankenstein.

  2. MissKittyInTheCity says:

    I have to agree with LCD on this one!!! 😉

    • LCD says:

      At least someone does. I’d rather just eat the nutella on it’s own (which I’ve done more than once) than have it in a grilled nutella sandwich.

  3. LCD says:

    I THOUGHT I SAID NO RECIPES ON HERE!!!!!!!!!! “Butter, bread, and nutella” definitely qualifies as a recipe when you look at it the right way. -.- The chocolate was fine, the bread was weird. IT ONLY TASTES GOOD THAT WAY WHEN COMBINED WITH CHEESE! WHAT GAVE YOU THE IDEA TO PUT CHOCOLATE INSTEAD OF CHEESE?!

    Is it obvious that I am on a bit of a sugar hype, seeing as I just had most of a frapp? I finished all the whipped cream before allowing Z a single taste. 😛

    Oh yeah, and Z, you are invading my blog. I know that you’re going to bring order and all that, but I absolutely REFUSE to have you putting recipes on here of any sort!

    • Technically, “butter, bread, and Nutella” does not qualify as a recipe. According to the Miriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary, a recipe is: “a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients”. Just those three words alone (bread, butter, Nutella) does not tell you anything in regards to making the sandwich, does it?

      As I said in my introduction, my food writing will currently only appear on my food blog. Its proper place.

      • LCD says:

        *rolls eyes* Z, I am the TYRANT of this blog. If I say it’s a recipe when you look at it a certain way, it IS a recipe! ^_^ I’m the tyrant so my word is LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! >:D

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