Hello, my name is Mr. Fan

So I am officially melting at 30 degrees Celsius and the scorching sun is not helping things because THE SUN HATES GINGERS! I’m not sure if I’m actually a ginger or not, you tell me.

Tell me what colour you think my hair is, cos I'm not too sure

Due to the scorching-ness of the past few days I invited my fan to live on my windowsill where he can suck all the cool air into my room at night. Apparently he wasn’t impressed with this drawing:

It looks better from a distence than it does close up >.<

So Mr. Fan is sitting on the windowsill, I go to brush my teeth and all that, and just as I enter the room, my fan attacks my horsey drawing. -_- Really? I know it’s nowhere near perfect, but it’s not that bad… Well maybe it is… I’m not sure *looks again* Weeeell… whatever. So my fan and my colour sketch book (I have two for pencil and one for colour) are separated. I would make the fan sit in a corner, but his services are needed as an impromptu AC unit.

I am officially going on a trip on MUNDAY, tell your friends. Err, that sounds sorta creepy. Anyway I’ll be gone Monday to Friday. Imma bee Imma bee Imma Imam Imma bee at [content removed as you could figure out where I live with this information (CRAYCFOWILWTI)] at a camp about agriculture. *cricket chirps* I’ve been told it’s not boring… -.-


*Edit* I always forget to tag these posts. It makes me very upset *twitch*

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2 Responses to Hello, my name is Mr. Fan

  1. LCD says:

    I think it’s ginger. 😛 And sweet! You’re going to camp. XD Niiiiiiiiice. 😛 I’m glad you put in the cricket chirp, I was right next to a cannon and deafened at the exact time the cricket chirped I’m assuming.

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