Updates, yadda yadda yadda

I found this via a random search, it has nothing to do with this post

Okay so I was going to post earlier, much much earlier (like when I woke up, or when Zoe posted the Frankenstein sandwiches (a.k.a. grilled nutella sandwiches)), but I didn’t get around to it. When I first woke up, I was going to post a Plinky prompt, but I didn’t really have an answer to the question. And it took the page ages to load anyway. Second, I thought about posting a link to this freaking amazing Digimon fanfic I found (I was really upset with Impmon d… darn it! That would be a spoiler and would ruin an awesome part of the story. -.-), which I almost stopped reading at one point for the reason I stopped myself saying in the brackets. The story I was reading was called Destiny, and it’s got a whole bunch of prophecy stuff. I thought that the way they found out about the prophecy, and how it actually stayed on track and turned out the way it was supposed to, was unique. Either that, or I haven’t read enough stories involving prophecies. Anyway, the sequel, Fate, isn’t complete yet, but I’ve loved what’s been in there as well. Btw, Destiny is set in Tamers, and Fate is Tamers crossing over with Adventure. And so far, Fate is my favorite Tamers/Adventure crossover. Now if only there was one where all the digimon seasons crossed over into each other…….. straying off topic. >.< Bookworm Gal, the author, has two other interesting Digimon stories. One is a series of “What ifs?” which are pure awesomeness. The only one I didn’t like was the second one, where Beelzemon gets… nevermind. The only other digimon story she has is called Traitor. It’s not as bad as it sounds btw, it’s pretty good, and is currently unfinished, which is horrifying, but Bookworm Gal does have a real life. Hm…….

The reason I didn’t post when Z did the sandwiches of horror one, was because I’d recently finished most of a raspberry frapp, so I was a liiiiiiiiiittle bit hyper. As you could probably tell if you read my comment comparing grilled nutella sandwiches to Frankenstein. A comparison which I like, and probably wouldn’t have thought of in a normal state of mind. XD I also recommended The Lord of the Changing Winds to someone today, and am in chapter three of The Land of the Burning Sands, so bookwise, I’m happy. And I’ve still got those books that Dragon lent me to finish….. I can’t believe I’m not already done them!

Distractions happen, just like real life, so I suppose I can use that as an excuse for not being finished. Temporarily at least. That, and extremely distracting digimon fanfics that are “made of win” as a reviewer said. I have to say, I agree with that statement. However, I don’t think that will be thought of as a suitable excuse…….. luckily, Dragon will be absent for awhile, so I’ll have time to do one of two things.

A) Cram as many of the books into my head as possible before Friday or

B) Swiftly cast about for better excuses, such as chores, my sister’s foodie video requirements, or something else that will hopefully work. I really don’t want to face the wrath of what is essentially a winged, fire-breathing lizard who happens to be both fantastic, incredibly tall, and someone who wants me to read those books she lent me. O_O

You know what this means right? I’m probaby going to come back onto the blog and this is what it will look like.

In the future: next month…

If you promise to send me your braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinz, leave a comment and I will contact you with my mailing address. I cannot wait to receive your pickled braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinz……….

Back to the present.

By that prediction, I prove that the sugar isn’t completely out of my system yet. Having two spoonfuls of nutella probably didn’t help the sugar problem. Hmm…. AHA! There is something you must listen to. Unfortunately, I do not have a video link with me at the moment, but if you look up “I’m the Scatman” or whatever, you should find a song that I like. 😛 Now excuse me, so I can watch a video Dragon e-mailed me about a guy trying to understand the mind of a teenage girl. From what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think he’s going to get very far in that endeavor……..



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2 Responses to Updates, yadda yadda yadda

  1. *twitch* I’m still here, ya know. I’ll be gone by 3 or so so THEN you can say whatever you want :P. But that aside… rawr. If you are LCD or Z, you know what that means in dragonese -.-

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