This post concerns chocolate, among other things


Okay, the reason why there is a giant jar of Nutella sitting on this post, is because I just finished one. Sad, sad day. It’s chocolatey goodness is now finished. It’s enough to make you cry, if you actually cry over candy. Other things this post concerns are writing, some of my interests, other posts, and giraffes. Wait, not giraffes, *whacks self* I meant to say books. Anyway…… Let’s get started shall we?


In about two posts, I have mentioned this story that I have given the working title “Forest Alchemy”. I mentioned how it just hasn’t “clicked” yet. Now, I asked in one of the posts (it was probably lost among the other posts I did that day) if I should post a sample of what I’ve written on the blog, so that I may get your opinions and suggestions for it, and I asked for some suggestions for a title that wouldn’t sound weird. So in this post, I am going to have a poll at the bottom concerning this question. I would like you to vote, if you feel like it, to tell me whether or not I should do that.


Oh look, ANOTHER favorite digimon who's a virus type!

I can't resist putting a pic of him in can I?

Now, I’m not exactly sure how much some of these things will interest you, but I’m going to write about them anyway. This morning, and part of last night, I was trying to remember the name of a digimon I had seen who had some pretty sweet boots (this turned out to be ShadowSeraphimon). Seeing as I couldn’t, but knew it was a virus type, I put “List of virus digimon” into Google Images. Please don’t ask why I put that exactly, I really don’t know why I did it either. After awhile of searching last night, I got frustrated and switched to the Seven Great Demon Lords, and found a digimon I hadn’t know about before. Astamon. Like Beelzemon, my current top favorite, Astamon has spikes on his boots (SHWEET!), and a gun with an interesting name. While Beelzemon’s guns are called Berenjena (which supposedly means “Eggplant”), Astamon’s gun is called Oro Salmón, which apparently means “Gold Salmon”. I’m not exactly sure why a gun would be named after a fish, but hey, nothing’s perfect.

Also in interests, have you ever had cloth hairbands? Those ones that you have to pull over your head, then pull back up? Well I’ve got a couple, and as you’ll see in the pictures of me from camping, I have recently discovered that I like wearing them around my neck for some reason. I just pulled down my black and white one and then Mr. Fashion Statement said “FASHION STATEMENT!” XD Something like that anyway.

I so want to read this

And I recently read a small bit of an interesting book, the part I was in talked about symbols, and I found that rainbows are supposed to represent stairways to heaven and things like that. So I thought, “Hey, if they can be stairways to heaven, or have pots of gold at the other end, or just be plain pretty with no other purpose, what if some of them led you places you reaaaaally didn’t want to be?” It’s a cool idea! Come on, admit it! And the explanation for the “dot” was also cool. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “solar eclipse”, but apparently, it signifies the beginning (the first mark on a piece of paper) and the end (a period at the end of a sentence).


My Mom is currently checking my camping post, so that should be up relatively soon, along with a couple of pictures. Z took most of them, I took a few (I’ll say which ones for sure), and my Mom took the two of me. 😛 So that shall be a pretty sweet post to do, seeing as it will be longer than most of my other ones. I think. 😀

GIRA…. I mean…… BOOKS!

So, book reading progress? So far, I haven’t finished the books Dragon has lent me that I’m readinging, and I haven’t started any of the other ones. For The Land of the Burning Sands by Rachel Neumeier, I am doing pretty good. The kid has reached the house where Eben whatsisname’s daughter, the maker, lives. And he’ll be getting rid of the gease rings (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) Other than that, I’ve been rereading a couple of digimon fanfics, and have been waiting with excitement for the sketchbook (each day it doesn’t arrive has me dreaming of the sketches it contains, wondering about them. Honestly!), and for the chance to get started with The King of the Trees by William D. Burt, which sounds totally awesome.


Yeah so I suppose this is the end of the post. Wow, it didn’t turn out to be as long as I thought it would be. Good, otherwise you’d have been bored to tears long before now. So………


Yeah! Let’s get to the poll! 😀 I vote “I don’t know”! XD

P.S. Yes I know that the text between Astamon and Beelzemon looks weird, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. *shrugs* And Beelzemon pointing his Berenjenas at Astamon amuses me for some reason.



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