Angry Birds

Angry B…… wait, wrong photo.

Angry Birds is a very amusing game. So far, I know of only a couple angry birds. The starting one is the red one, and it doesn’t really do anything other than act like a battering ram. Something you whack against something again and again. In this case, the something is green pigs that happen to be spherical. The pigs annoyed the birds by kidnapping their eggs while they were distracted (a mosquito landed on one of their eggs, so they had to kill it in the most brutal way possible: ultimate squishing) and trying to cook them. The blue bird appeared next, tapping on the screen makes it divide into three separate birds, they act the same way the battering-ram-red bird does. The next one has a sort of special ability of sorts, and is shaped like a triangle. It is the yellow bird. Tapping on the screen makes it speed up so it can cut through wood. Not the sort of bird you want in your neighborhood.

After yellow comes the black-as-a-bomb bird. And it actually is a bomb. Powerful little blighters. Raise your hand if you think these birds have weird regeneration powers! After that comes the “mother of all birds”, the white one. I must have caught a dozen flies in my mouth before I finally managed to rehinge my jaw when I saw what that bird does. You tap the screen, and it lays an egg and flies away (looking a lot thinner). And the egg is an explosive. O_O What sorts of chicks does that bird lay?! Dynamite?! Oh no wait, the black bird is an explosive……. but then how do more white birds appear? o.O

And then there is a bird I haven’t used, but Miss Kitty has unlocked. It’s small, has a beak like a toucan, and is green. It’s a boomerang, people! A FREAKING BOOMERANG! Imagine that bird flying at your head with absolute bloodshed in it’s eyes. It misses, and you think you’re safe. Then it whacks you from behind and demands you fork over all the pie you have in your house. O_O

So far, I’ve only been in episode 1: Poached eggs. We’ve made it up to part three, and my youngest brother and I are still trying to figure out the twenty-first level on that page. I swear, he plays Angry Birds more than me! It’s the sort of game you play when you feel like silly graphics and addictive puzzle-type levels. You only have so many birds, and you’ve got to get rid of all the pigs. Of course, hitting them once only works with the smallest ones. The larger ones (like the one with the moustache, the helmet, and the crown, and then those ones that only look like larger versions of the tiny ones) are a lot harder to beat. Depending on what bird you use. It’s actually quite funny seeing the pigs with all their bruises, and sometimes missing teeth. If you fail the level, they start grinning in a manner that is very annoying though, so if I didn’t beat them all, I just restart the level before they start grinning.

Angry Birds is a good game for when you feel bored and need something to do, or are on the highway (not as the driver) and don’t feel like observing the scenery. Or maybe you are procrastinating about homework. The main point is that Angry Birds is a very good game, and that it has a way of keeping you interested. 😛 I’d feel more interested if I didn’t feel so discouraged with some of the levels which I just can’t seem to beat, but my youngest brother does. XD

Also, you can find “Golden Eggs” throughout the game that show different things. I’m not exactly sure what happens when you collect all of them, but I’m sure it will be as amusing as the trailer for it.

So this game is certainly one of the “it’s totally worth your money!” games.



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6 Responses to Angry Birds

  1. JokiLoki22 says:

    A bit unrelated to the post in general, but that picture at the top, where is it from? It looks familiar like a movie I’ve seen but I can’t place it…

  2. aaronh864 says:

    There are actually 6 angry birds, not 5. They are the red ones that do [censored] all, the small blue one that splits into three, the yellow one which shoots in a straight line once told to, the black one which blows up when told to, the white one that lays an egg when told to, the parrot lookin one which acts as a boomarang.

    • LCD says:

      I know that there are six, I only chose a picture with five of them. I mentioned all of them, including the boomerang one, in the post.

  3. MissKittyInTheCity says:

    Have you tried the updated levels yet? There is one giant red angry bird that looks like he is on steroids!

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