Queen (via Channel Z)

What I’m listening to this month. I hope you don’t mind me reblogging this, LCD. 😛

I’ve decided to make a monthly playlist, of what I’ve been listening to the last month. Why? Because I don’t listen to a whole lot of music, in terms of variety. When I find music that I like, be it a solo act or band, I will listen to only that music for a long time – weeks, months, possibly even years. (That’s happened with two solo acts I like and listen to.) As of roughly last month, I’ve been listening to Queen, and only Queen. It started wh … Read More

via Channel Z

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Writer (writersbone.wordpress.com), gluten-free food blogger (zscupoftea.com), Pressgram (pressgr.am) evangelist and community leader.
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4 Responses to Queen (via Channel Z)

  1. LCD says:

    No not at all, as long as it isn’t mixed with my stuff. Btw, you should make some pages for your things on the blog.

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