Plinky and music vids

Okay, so I’m not really going to post today’s Plinky prompt. Or answer it. Why? Because heck! I can’t think up a story about two cops in Alaska at such short notice! And is it supposed to be only dialogue, or can the narrator come in and start describing their surroundings? Way too confuzzling for this tyrant today. Mainly because first I wake up, and want to stay in bed longer, so I find a way to do that while doing good stuff.

Next, I tell my nailpolish what the consequences of chipping will be. :S Can you tell I was feeling a little nutty this morning? So then I discover that a few of the YouTubers I subscribe to have posted new videos. So a video from Wheezy Waiter, a remix from Mephiles whatever-the-rest-of-his-user-name-is, one from Lauren Luke, and one from mrweebl. In mrweebl’s, we finally  have a new Catface video, in which Catface goes on a vacation, but that’s not the point.

So after watching these and smiling, I come downstairs and am about to pop some toast in the toaster. What happens? I accidentally drop a piece and it falls between the stove and the counter (bad piece of toast! *whack*) so I have to throw it out. Just peachy. But let’s mention something that isn’t making me feel semi-annoyed now!

There is music faintly booming through the house. Now, you may be wondering how something can faintly boom, but trust me, it can. There’s a festival going on nearby, and they’ve got the music up really loud, so we can hear the “boom boom boom” occasionally.

Other interesting (if you are me) news. Hm. I just heard a song that I think is called Bodies (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor) by a band that I think is called Drowning Pool. *cricket chirp* Sounds sorta morbid I know. I CAN EXPLAAAIN!!!!!!!

Okay so awhile ago, I was looking for Digimon fan made music videos. I found a tribute to the Royal Knights (yay!) and it had this song playing for it. Originally, it was supposed to be some Linkin Park song, but whatev……. *goes to search through favorites again*

Oh yeah, um… talk to you all later. 😛

P.S. Now I’m listening to Impmon sing something called the…. emo song? :S


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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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