Family birfday

So today was officialy when I had my ‘family’ birthday. All my fam came and we ate cake and gifts were given ^_^. I now have 160$ worth of iTunes money sitting in my acount *wiggles eyebrows* Or at least there would be, but my dad lost the 100$ one. Anyway, my Mom got an iPand O_O JEALOUS!! It’s her birthday too, but since our birthdays are so close together,  we celebrate on the same day. Enddd epic b-day post because I’m gonna go to the ‘States tomorrow and I need sleep


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2 Responses to Family birfday

  1. LCD says:

    You had better be back in time for your party. 😛 The one Z and I are attending. And your b-day sounds pretty sweet. 😉 And your mom got an iPad? O_O Btw, please tell me you’ll have wi-fi while you are in the “‘states”.

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