Let the prompts run wild

Plinky’s prompt for today? “Fictionalize a real argument you’ve had. Write only in dialogue.” Okay, I am so stumped. What the heck am I supposed to write about? Last argument I can think about is with a character that I made up, and that was fairly… weird. It was for this author note type thing for a fanfiction I’m working on (it hasn’t been posted, and might end up only ever being read by me). I like doing those sorts of things when it comes to finishing (or starting) the chapter. Makes it fun. But that’s ALWAYS in dialogue. :S It’s not as if I can make a movie of it and stick it on the site and go “here’s my author note! :D” So yeah….. not sure what to put as an answer to that prompt.

In other news, I watched two episodes of Bakugan: Battle Brawlers this morning and did quite a bit of facepalming. What is it with leader-type characters and wearing goggles? And why must most of the leader-type characters be so freaking stupid sometimes?! The only thing that got me to watch the second episode was Dragonoid. I think I might end up watching the third episode to see Siege, seeing as I got a card with Siege on it before, and a small figure of him (not the actual ball form Siege, seeing as I don’t play the game). I think he was an Aquos Siege or something like that…..? He had a lance.

But the point is that Dan acts like such an oblivious idiot (in my opinion) in the English dub. I haven’t checked to see if he’s any better in Japanese. Other than today’s Plinky prompt and Bakugan frustration, all I’ve really got to talk about would be the update for “Fate”, a fanfiction I linked to in two other posts. I was so happy when I realized my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. The chapter has Kazu and Guardramon biomerging into HiAndromon (which is pretty darn sweet btw) to fight Puppetmon. And they’re riding Behemoth. How sweet is that? And the way Bookworm Gal writes Behemoth’s point of view is very good. 🙂 It is also very amusing when it concerns Kazu. Oh yeah, and Justimon and DemiDevimon have arrived at the scene. Justimon is still doing what DemiDevimon says, and with each digimon they destroy for DemiDevimon to load data, I get the increasingly strong inclination to throttle that rookie. Making Monodramon and Ryo thinking that HiAndromon killed them….. the nerve! It was Devimon! DEVIMON! God I hate that digimon……. oh no wait, just that one. There is the possibility of good devimons after all….. A very small possibility, but still a possibility.

Now that I’ve finished my ranting against DemiDevimon/Devimon, I think I will go curl up in a chair. I’m feeling strangely cold. O.o



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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