Trampoline sleeping bags

Hey there readers! Whoever you are…….. guess what I was doing last night, up ’till four this morning? Well, I was outside all night (except for around midnight to one, when we went inside to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which they mostly ruined) on a trampoline with my sleeping bag. Dragon, Zoe, a friend of Dragon’s, and two of her cousins were there. We jumped for a bit, then we did a bit of Truth or Dare (my vision is still going up and down. I’M ON A GIANT, INVISIBLE TRAMPOLINE I TELL YOU!) Truth or Dare was weird. Mainly ’cause we couldn’t think of anything to ask, so we had this app generate ideas for us. Some of them were a little crazy, or two boring. This resulted in us changing the question. After Truth or Dare, we rolled over each other while we were in our sleeping bags. Occasionally, we’d get stuck between two people and we’d be like “oh hi, I didn’t see you there. When did you arrive anyway? I haven’t seen you in ages” or something along those lines. I was just the “I didn’t see you there” person. Oh yeah, and we had pizza earlier, before going outside to be on the trampoline for most of the rest of the night. Anyway… after rolling over each other, we just talked. Random stuff. Then we watched the movie. I was upset because Tyson wasn’t in there, the hippocampi weren’t in there, Medusa wasn’t given enough screen time (she was AWESOME), Mrs. O’Leary wasn’t in there, no winged horses were in there (especially Blackjack), Grover was the only satyr, and the gods were freaking huge, instead of mortal size all the time.

They did Chiron well. “It’s a powerful weapon.” Percy looks at it, then Chiron. “This is a pen.” XD The pen is mightier than the sword, no? Anyway, I have a lot more issues with the movie (like Annabeth’s eyes and hair. THEY TOTALLY RUINED HER! Where the hell did they put her Yankees cap? Why did they make the children older? Important stuff was supposed to happen when they reached sixteen! And I don’t mean their driver’s license). Yeah, so I wasn’t totally satisfied. The scene where Poseidon talks to Percy face to face was sweet, and made the movie so good…….. but then Percy went and acted like a jerk. “How old was I when you left Dad?” Poseidon answers, and Percy doesn’t even give him a “good bye”. Rotten, ungrateful, no good teenage kid! Oh no wait….. um…….. only that kid! Not every single teenager! Clear on that? Good.

This morning, breakfast was interesting. I got to have microwave bacon. O_o And I saw CSI for the first time. I’m going to have nightmares about dead cats now. -.- And breathing. And things you can’t see, but can smell, that can kill you. Yeah….. oh yeah! Dragon’s cousin R has a cool accent. And so does Dragon’s uncle….. they both have cool accents! And her uncle has a sense of humor. 😛 Not sure why I put that but who cares. *shrugs* You ain’t in charge o’ me! ^_^

So, Dragon lent me a lot more books (am I the only one yelling “HOORAY!”?) which I will work through after completing the ones I still have from last time, plus the library books I borrowed. “I’m being stalked by a ninja.” Timothy looks at Mr. Shen. “How do you know this?” Mr. Shen gives his answer to all important questions in life: “Because I am a dragon.” XD



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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