Hey Tuesday!

Let’s talk music! ^_^ Recently, I haven’t really made any posts regarding music. This is because….. well…. errr………

Inner voice: Just give them the lame excuse and get on with it!

Okay okay, no need to be bossy and mean. Sheesh…. I didn’t really have an impressive list. On a good day, I listened to two new things at the most. Until today that is. 😛 So I decided to take some of the other new songs I’ve listened to and list them as well. Either that, or I could just give you the playlist I’ve been listening to along with what I’ve listened to today.

Inner voice: Why did you even bother mentioning the first option when you know you’re just going to choose the second? Hmm? I thought you had brains in that balloon you call a head!

You’re in a bad mood today, Inner voice. Would chocolate help?

Inner voice: No, it’s what got me in the bad mood to begin with.

Well go off and be miserable somewhere else please.

Inner voice: How can I? I’m your inner voice. INNER voice. That should tell you something. And if it doesn’t, think of dogs that are chained to their doghouses, and then imagine the same sort of predicament for something that is completely invisible to the naked eye.

Drat, I was hoping to get rid of you by unhinging the top of my head and letting my mind go for a walk. Taking you along of course.

Inner voice: What do you think I am, a pet?!

Yes. Now that we understand each other’s place in the world (me: the all powerful, tyranical creator of everything (a.k.a. this blog), and you: pet of my mind, an annoyance), I can get on with mentioning the music.

Hey Monday!

  • Hangover
  • Wish You Were Here

Boney M*

  • Heart of Gold


  • River
  • February Air
  • Fall Back Down
  • Savior
  • Romance Is…

Foo Fighters

  • The Pretender


  • End of All Hope


  • Falling Inside the Black


  • Creeping In My Soul

Three Days Grace

  • Never Too Late
  • Just Like You

Breaking Benjamin

  • Breath

Drowning Pool

  • Bodies


  • Twisted Transistor

Adam and Andrew

  • Emo Kid
  • Parody Medley
  • Well-Behaved Gangsters
  • I’m In Love With A Midget
  • Hey there McGyver


  • Faust
  • Glitter Freeze
  • Stylo

Love Grenades

  • Genius of Fun
  • Young Lovers
  • Off To Sea
  • Drink and Drive

If you’re wondering about some of the darker items on the playlist, they are there because I was thinking about anti-heroes/villains who’d become good guys/villains who were actually good all along but didn’t know it.*** Don’t ask why I’m using footnotes in this post by the way.**** Anyway, that’s all my music related stuff. Unless you count listening to every single Lady Gaga track I own last night as part of the playlist. I have all of the songs from her first album (and all of the remixes for all of them except Paparazzi), plus Alejandro, Bad Romance (I have only one remix for it so far), So Happy I Could Die, and No Way. No Way isn’t on any of her albums by the way, I downloaded it from a YouTube vid. :3

So that’s all for this post! Talk to you all later. ^_^

P.S. Love Grenades has some awesome music videos! 😀

*I think that’s the band’s name…
**All the songs I listed by her that I listened to were the acoustic versions. 🙂
***Hmmm……. Shadow, BlackWarGreymon, and Impmon! Mostly Impmon though.
****Though if you must know, it’s because it’s fun. 😀



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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