Best book I’ve read this month (July 2010)

Okay, I confess. I forgot about Road Trip Wednesday on YA Highway. Not checking your RSS because you happen to be reading four books in a row (Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates, Tomorrow’s Wizard, Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate, and Beyond the Deepwoods) can do that to you. So let’s seeeee…………

Well, before I finished Year of the Griffin, I might have said Dark Lord of Derkholm or Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones. And before I finished Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate, I would have said Year of the Griffin undoubtedly. I loved it, and only once did it remind me of Harry Potter. XD Favorite characters were Elda’s group of friends + her family + Flurian (a.k.a. Flury). Corkoran was an idiot, and Wermacht was a jerk.

But now it’s a tie because Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate was an excellent read as well. I think my favorite part must have been where Timothy’s mom found she was famous in China, and the part where Mr. Shen almost squashed a couple of people because he wasn’t paying attention when it landed. It was either that, or the scene where Mr. Shen makes his own decisions for the first time (other than choosing not to fly to the top of a building) and helps save the Ironic Gentleman from the fleet of nine dragons or whatever they were called.

Yeah, it’s definitely a tie. 😛 Darn it, now I feel like re-reading both. XD Impossible, seeing as I have to finish a couple stacks of books first. O.o One from the library, and two from Dragon. XD So that’s that post done! ^_^ Excuse me so that I can go check my e-mail and other important things.



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