A day for fluffy ponies

It is a day for fluffy ponies. If those ponies are “My little ponies” and a wolf is about to land on their unnaturally coloured selves. Mwahahaha, I am feeling a little evil. This can probably be explained by a few facts:

Fact 1: Dragon isn’t on Skype, so I can’t ask her for advice regarding a battle for the almost end of my first draft of a story, where they kick the bad guy’s butt.

Fact 2: I’m listening to All About Us and Perfect Enemy by t.A.t.u (that’s how the band name is spelled).

Fact 3: I discovered that all first drafts must suck, and possibly the second drafts, before they can get better. Yes I watched the Dare To Suck video on YouTube before, but come on! I’m feeling good about almost having the draft done, then that shape shifting muse of mine reminds me (in his oh-so-not-helpful way) of the fact that it sucks. And the fact that I might take even longer on a second draft, because I don’t want to tear it all apart and rewrite things.

Fact 4: I’ve got a shiny new story on my mind about demonesses seeking the help of a gothic girl (for apparently, demons don’t like causing accidents for goths) about… something. >.< I can't even remember what now! I'll have to go review my uncompleted blueprint type thing.

So now you know why it's a day for fluffy My little ponies to be sacrificed to wolves. Mongolian ones, because they have orange eyes.


About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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