Where do your characters hide things?

I couldn’t think of a better title, I’m sorry. 🙂

This week’s topic comes from a prompt at SCBWI:
What does your character hide in their underwear drawer – or other secret location?

Oh dear, oh dear dear dear….. Um… Well then let’s just list some characters and hope no one thinks they are lame.

The story I’m working on with Dragon:

  1. Miranda: Well I can’t think of anything she’d hide in her drawers, but the copy of The Wind in the Willows that she recieved (before everyone understood that she “doesn’t like fiction”) is hidden under her mattress, where no one looks.
  2. Molly: Her diary is buried outside the library in a plastic bag, because she doesn’t want Jackson to know that she actually cares about the books in the library, and she puts books back where they belong when they are on the wrong shelf.
  3. Jackson: His secret collection of heavy metal music is probably hidden in the vault behind the painting in his bedroom. He’s usually quiet, and supposedly hates it when Molly suddenly plays loud music, so he wouldn’t want her to know of this collection. 😛

Those are the only ones I can think of for that story, and so far, none of my characters from that alchemist story have developed enough personality in my head for them to have anything they’d really want to hide. And then for my other stories, I don’t really have characters who have anything to hide yet.

Btw, this was a Road Trip Wednesday post. 😛 I love those things! A little bit too much though….. ^^’



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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10 Responses to Where do your characters hide things?

  1. Kate says:

    Aw, Wind in the Willows! ❤

    • LCD says:

      I know, it’s so sweet. 🙂 That isn’t in the first draft (which I’m close to finishing), but I’ve been planning that for the second.

  2. So cool! Thanks for participating, this was a neat prompt. I love the idea of a secret heavy metal collection, LOL!

  3. Jessica Byam says:

    I love the idea of a secret favorite book!
    Great post!

  4. Kaitlin says:

    Whoa a vault! Awesome 🙂

  5. Hahaha. Queen Jessie hides her epic stuffie toy colection in a hidden room that conects to her sleeping chambers 🙂 Who woulda thunk?

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