The Immortals

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And so I finally get to reviewing this awesome book. XD That isn’t to say that things other than my own procrastination prevented me from getting around to that review. ^^’

I feel obligated to mention that I own a copy of this (paperback), and I bought it the second time a saw it in a store. That time just happened to be when I went into the book store with Dragon. 😛 When she was here for a sleep over (if you follow my blog, you might remember that this was when she did a “guest post”. Literally, supposedly “hacking” my account). Now to get on with the review! 😀 Huzzah huzzah!

Finding that this was the last book of the Edge Chronicles was not pleasing to me. I enjoy all of them, and the first one I actually own is the last one? Somehow that just seemed sad to me, so I was determined to not enjoy it as much as the others. I’m not really going to put my logic behind that decision here, because it would just embarrass me. Let’s just say that I failed in my thick headed mission, and I’m glad I did.  The book was every bit as excellent as the other ones, and it had one of the old villains in it (but worse).

Once again, my favorite character just had to be a banderbear (yes, I do have other favorite characters from the books, but my absolute favorites are usually banderbears). This one is met by Nate Quarter (descendant of guess who….? :P) in the Free Glades at the place he works. Banderbears have become pretty rare (if you’re looking to see them at least), and you don’t often hear them yodelling anymore. This is incredibly sad, in my opinion, and I’d like to get rid of whatever made them start disappearing. But back to topic: the name of the banderbear Nate meets is named Weelum. And Weelum is sweet. 🙂 But then again, I think all the banderbears are sweet. XD How Nate meets Weelum is sort of like how Twig meets his unnamed banderbear in Beyond the Deepwoods, but in this case, Nate found Weelum because he was moaning. And why was he moaning? For the same sort of reason that the unnamed banderbear approached Twig. Rotten tooth. How they fixed the problem is different though. While Twig pulled it out (and then almost got crushed by a hug), Nate had purchased some water from Riverrise the day before, and he just poured it on the tooth and that healed it. Riverrise water, by the way, is expensive.

But I’m really skipping ahead, because event took place between pages 166 and 169. I just re-read the scene, and it makes me go “Awwwwwww” now, just as much as it did the first few times I read it. Believe me, if they published a book that was a collection of all the banderbear moments in the Edge Chronicles, I’d buy it. But once again I’m getting off topic! >.< Let’s go back to page one….. or rather, page 7, seeing as chapter one starts on page seven, and before that it’s maps.

The story starts with Nate Quarter, who lives in a phraxmine in the Twilight Woods (daaaaaaaaangerous place to live, as you’d know if you’ve read the other books). His father died under mysterious circumstances, and was replaced by a not-so-nice (warning: understatement!) mine sergeant. And we hate that new dude, ’cause he made sure that a lamp went out in the phraxmine on Nate’s shift so he had to either lose the wages from that shift, or take a flogging. And of course, Nate had to take the flogging. Can you tell that I would be happy to see that mine sergeant while I had a sturdy baseball bat in hand?

There’s a gray goblin named Slip, one of the scuttlers (they stay in the mine almost all the freaking time, they practically live down their). When Nate is exiting the mine at a point, he bumps into Slip, and after listing off some details of his life in an effort to remember, he relays something he overheard. Grint Grayle (you know, that evil, evil mine sergeant) is planning to cause an “accident” for Nate.

When Rudd and Nate go to the Hulks, which is two sky ships, that are probably from the third age of flight, which are set up in a tree as a tavern for the miners. I think it might have been a lufwood. Yup, a lufwood. That’s where the tragedy happens. Nate was almost killed by one of Grayle’s men, but Rudd died instead. 😥 And Rudd helped Nate all those years in the mine! Nate barely managed to escape from the hammer head goblins sent after him, but when he did, and he was sure they were gone, he went back to the mine to help Slip escape, and to get his own belongings back. Oh, and to steal some of Grint Grayle’s phrax shards (which he did not pay them enough for).

They get away on a sky barge, and Nate, using an “accident with a phrax lamp” destroyed the block house, which had the hard earned phraxshards that Grint Grayle was hoarding to make his life easier, while keeping the miners lives horrible. On board, they don’t really have much money, until Nate decides to play a game of Splinters, which apparently originated in the Armada of the Dead in what used to be the mire. And apparently, Captain Deadbolt Vulpoon was one of the best players. Somehow, I can believe that. 😛

Nate won with the “Two Professors”, Light and Darkness. And there was a cheat at the table, with four hatching caterbird splinters and four lullabee grove splinters hidden up his sleeve. The “Professor”, as a tall fourthling at the table was called, killed him. After that, life supposedly had no big bumps for them, because the next thing we know, they’re reaching the Free Glades. From there, Nate learns that his uncle is a jerk, and then Slip and Nate get hired by the owner of Glemlop and Drew.

The owner is a nice man, his son is a git though, and takes almost instant disliking to Nate, because his father likes him. If I was in front of that man I’d have some choice words for him. And a fist to connect with his teeth. But let’s not get violent now. 😉 So life goes well, etc. etc. Nate meets Weelum (AWWWWW!), blah blah blah……… oh yeah, then Branxford (YOUSONOFAFEATHERLESSCHICKEN!) almost killed Nate with his vehicle. -_- Spoiled little brat…..

The story picks up when Nate plays a game of Thousandsticks. When he and Branxford are close to winning, Branxford tells him that he’ll never inherit his father’s business (Mr. Drew likes Nate a whole lot more than he likes Branxford, and I can see why!), because the paper’s were never signed, and they’re burning down with the stilt-shop. BRANXFORD PRACTICALLY MURDERED HIS OWN FATHER! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I’D LIKE TO GET THAT BOY!!!!

Furious, violent thoughts aside, some good comes out of it. Nate joins up with Eudoxia, the Professor (who he first met when playing a game of Splinters, I think I mentioned earlier), Weelum, and Slip to escape and save her father from the Goblin clans. Meanwhile, the goblin clan’s High Council is voting on whether or not they should go to war with the Great Glade. Only one actually spoke up for the actual Hive citizens, and Kulltuft (the guy in charge) killed him for suggesting going for peace. Even though Leegwelt was not the most honorable guy, at least he spoke up for the different Hive people who weren’t represented in the council! And at least he suggested peace, whereas Kulltuft was all “Kill dem all, dy stealin’ from uz!” No he didn’t say it that way, but I like exagerating sometimes.

So the story basically goes that they journey to the Hive, but Nate and Eudoxia are accidentally drafted into the Hive Militia during the rescue of Eudoxia’s father. From there they march all the way to the Great Glade and are actually in the battle, and Eudoxia almost gets killed. Then they go to Riverrise and there, Nate meets two surprising individuals. 😛 The book is excellent, and I love it. Especially the picture of Weelum with the parawings. XD

Sorry about all the rambling, but when you’re checking the book to be sure you’ve got the facts straight, you do tend to get caught up in the story and start ranting about certain injustices, or things you loved in it.


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2 Responses to The Immortals

  1. K.D. Larker says:

    I own this book and I really like it!

    And when you called Branxford Drew a “SONOFAFEATHERLESSCHECKEN”? You technically called Friston Drew a “featherless chicken”. And if Friston Drew is a featherless chicken, what does that make Branxford? A chick? (Bird, not girl. lol)

    And I’m afraid I disagree with you. No offense intended, but I actually think Branxford is . . . in that one picture, the one where Branxford is holding the silver phraxpistol and Weelum is about to grab him? I, IMO, think he’s actually a bit hot . . .

    🙂 lol

    But overall I like the . . . review . . . thing. 🙂

  2. K.D. Larker says:

    *Following from other comment*

    Okay, I’m looking at the picture as I type this, and okay, fine, maybe a lot hot. lol IMO though

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