Yesterday (august 18) I left with my family on a vacation to the states, and I’m trying to do a day by day journal thing. I didn’t manage to get the first day as I was carsick :S. But this is today (august 19).

So far so good. I didn’t want to do much writing on the first day, but now, on the second day, we’re heading to Tillamook, Oregon. We passed through Washington state, then stopped somewhere in Oregon. Is was so cold. Even though we were right next to the ocean, swimming was out of the question. We’re going the Tillamook cheese factory now. One thing I’ve noticed in the states is the meals are HUGE! Really. They’re about oh two or three sizes larger than they are in Canada. I’m gonna burst 0.0

I saw my first pelican. O.o they look weird.

So. Many. Little. Towns. *twitch*

In one little town, there were a bunch of Sea Lions, so being the tourists, we went to see them. At one point, a sea lion clambered up onto this rickety floating dock where a bunch of other sea lions. The dock tipped and the other sea lions flipped out. “Ouroooooh! Ourooooh! You n00b!! Don’t tip the float!!!”
Then these two random sea lions that had nothing to do with the situation started to freak at each other.
“Flubber-gut! You’re tipping the dock!!”
“Ourrooooh!! No I’m not you liar!! You’re the one who packs in twenty fish a meal!”
“We agreed not to bring that up!! You- you- OOOORRUUUOOOOOOOHH!!!!”
I was amused. 😀

We went to a place called Sea Lion Caves where there is a cave and… Errrrr… Sea lions. I got this cool black sweater with “Sea Lion Caves” written in red thread. Woah. Red thread. Assonance! I’m not an English nerd ;). ANNNYWAY. It was 25$ (compared to the normal 35$) because it some of the red thread (tehe) was coming out of the “S”. I luv it!

We just got back from the sand dunes. I almost had a heart attack. My camera was in my new Sea Lion Caves hoodie, and I fell in the sand. My camera exited my sweater via stage right (ie right side of the pocket) and fell into the sand. The whole ride back to the hotel I was trying to clean it out. I though it wasn’t going to work, but finally the image stopped being cloudy. 😀 I can sleep now 😛

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2 Responses to Washingtin-Oregon

  1. LCD says:

    XD I loved the sea lion dialogue. 😛

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