I couldn’t post day two yesterday (August 20) so I’m posting today and yesterday today.

We went back to the dunes, and rented ATVs to ride around in. I wasn’t old enough for a 4 wheel drive quad, so I got a dinky two wheel drive ATV. I was too heavy for it. T.T I was quite offended. ‘kay I’m not the skinniest person in the world, but I’m not THAT big. I’m just tall. At 15 I’m six feet exactly. So anyway, my quad kept getting stuck in the loose sand. I haz a feeling I’m gonna be finding sand in places where it has no right to be for a while.

So. Much. Driving!! Aaahhhhhh!!

Hahahaha there’s this random portable stoplight in the middle of the coast highway XD

NOOOO! We left the coast D:

I think the car in front of us is trying to break the sound barrier :\

CALIFONIA!! Not California, califonia! Haha I am such a noob

Cal-i-fornia girls!

It’s a great daay to be alive! I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes. It’s a hard time in the neighborhood, but why can’t every day be just this good? – Travis Tritt, It’s aGreat Day to be Alive

O.o there’s a fake person sitting in a police car o.o

More driving? Nooooo!!

Hotel ho!

I got a doodle book 🙂 I’ll post a bunch of pictures from the trip when I get home

*twitch* the wifi doesn’t work.

And today (August 21)

Ewwwwww. It’s foggy. This is California, it needs to be sunny!

My dad is inventing new words XD “Stop-ages” and “go-ages”

Om nom nom. Pasta with stuffed meatballs.

Haha I got LCD a gift and she doesn’t get to see it before I see her again. SUSPENSE!!

O.O That’s a big tree.

It costs six bucks just to drive through a tree. Phhhht phhhhhht!

Twisting road. Twisting road. I think I’m gonna be sick :S

Almost out of gas O.o

We made it!!

Losing. Feeling. In. Feet.

Did you know that if you hold your hand above your head for a bit, then bring it down, your hand will start to get hot?

Pizza is filling, and Dragon is sleepy. Goodnight. Some time. Maybe ten T.T my cousin keeps me awake at night.

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2 Responses to Oregon-California

  1. LCD says:

    Originally, I was going to comment about how your post amused me etc. etc, but then I read it aloud to my bros and actually noticed the part where you said you have a present for me. O_O WHAT IS IT?!

    Oh yeah, and I still have your sketchbook and arm thingy here. >.< I forgot to return them when I came for your b-day party. This is making me feel bad.

    Once again, WHAT IS MY PRESENT?!

    • Dragongirl224 says:

      Dun feel bad ’bout my sketchbook. I realized you forgot it a while ago 🙂 whateves. AND I’M NOT TELLING!

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