San Fransancisco II

School started in California today 0.o


Haha we is gonna go to Hippie street (Haight and Ashburry) but first, we go to a different part of China town

Glass mermaid needs a shirt :\

Haha I haz a HAT!! Insert a gangsta face here

Hippie town, here we come!


There are giant legs sticking out of that window. Weird.

The hills in San Francisco go up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. The hills in San Francisco go up and down- *almost gets hit by a tree branch* Ok. I can take a hint.

O.O holy bujesus the Golden Gate Bridge is windy!

We are walking across the bridge that is windy at the moment. I feel like medusa

*collapses on hotel bed*

AH-HA!! That’s where my flippy floppies went!

There are tubes of sunscreen in the air conditioning. What has this world come to.

My dad “How do I click it?” xD he’s using a Mac for the first time. SO not from my generation.

My hair is poofy. This can be fixed >:) *pulls out straightener*

Something I learned today: if you swat at a fly, your waiter will think you need something; thus they come over and ask what it is. When you tell them you didn’t call them over they frown and say they are sure you waved them over, then walk away. Your family will break out into hysterical fits of laughter and you say loudly “it was just a fly” -.-

*sigh* I lead a weird life

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