Lalalala L.A.

O.O they have English muffins!!

These buildings seem so tall they’re gonna fall on us 0.0

Road trip traveling 101: bring a pillow, music, money, gum, music, sunglasses, did I mention music? Add air conditioning and mix.

The tallest building in San Fran looks like a narrow pyramid. Who woulda thunk?

Hablah!! The buses here are insane!

“Hickey blvd” xD

Random giant satellite thing on hill is gonna kill us all 0.o

Can’t. Feel. Foot.

Twalky is being staticy 😦

The mountains are looking very 2D

You smell that? That’s the smell of my flesh burning in the sun. Sunscreen doesn’t help gingers.

ACK! I’m developing vampire-itis! My hand is glittering! Oh wait. That’s just sparkly eyeliner. Thank god

Ahahaha we’re stopping in a town called Los Banos. Put a squiggle over the “n” and it would say “the bathroom” in Spanish

I just realized that my iPod doesn’t have a squiggle key 😡

Well that’s random.

I’m melting! I’m melting! It’s 100 degrees F

The grass out here is so brown!

There are so many big trucks 0.o

Vehicle trouble is bad. Don’t do it.

I don’t think I could survive a road trip without music :S is that sad?

That’s a LOT of smoke o.o

These hills are all brown, except where there’s a crease in the ground. Then there’s a bunch of green. It’s cool 🙂

Zomg fire O.O scary

Silly gas station doesn’t work 😦

We just made a new best friend 😀

We passed a sign that said “TEST TEST TEST TESTING TESTING” XD

104 degrees F (44 C, I think)

There are palm trees lining the road. I do believe we have entered L.A.


O.O Cinderella’s castle is bigger than I thought it was.

We’re watching “Captain EO” staring Michael Jackson 🙂

Zomg there’s a giant green galaxy thing

Zomg there’s a chubby red kitty thing with wings and a lizard tail

Zomg the seats are moving

Zomg I’m using “zomg” too much

I like space mountain. Is fun 🙂

We went on space mountain and Matterhorn roller-coasters then we headed back to the hotel. These guys who were driving by cat-called at us. I think they were drunk.

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1 Response to Lalalala L.A.

  1. LCD says:

    XD Oh Jessie I do love your posts. 😛 And thank goodness you aren’t developing vampire-itis!!!! And I think I could survive a road trip without music, but I dare not risk it. 😛

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