Homeward bound *arf*

you are awesome if you got the allusion in the post title

Deer poop. Lovely.

Owie. I stubbed my toe.

Om nom nom


I had a dream last night that pokemon were real, and I had a ranch where I bred Tauros. Ten tauros, plus whatever calves were there at the time. I had a Gyarados, a Poochyena (who evolved during the dream), a Dewgong, a Arcanine, a Machamp, and a black Rapidash (ie black with flames). I liked that dream 😀

Driving. Driving. Driving. Driving. Ew

Tah dah! The grand canyon!

I got a t-shirt 😀

Gah! My sunglasses!


My bro finds interesting ways to be comfortable in a car.

Come for table. Comfortable.

I think that blur of blue was a car o.O

“There’s more buffalobison” says my mother

Get this. Last night we checked into a hotel (surprisingly). This morning, we headed south (away from home) to the Grand Canyon. After three hours, we headed back north. We stopped at the hotel we stayed in for lunch. We’re heading to Bryce Canyon ATM, which is east. We are going to turn back around and head west again. Isn’t life peachy?

O.O spiky.

Urmm… I think that was a cow skull.

Old school town. COWBOY!

My dad calls cows “short, fat horses”. It gets really annoying.

My brother says he saw a zebra. I don’t believe.

“why did the cow cross the road?” “there’s water on the other side, duh.” Don’t look at me like that. We see cows on the road, we make jokes.

Purple mountains again.

This car needs a bath. Bad.

There’s a big “B” on that hill.

Fuzzy hills 🙂

My brother is a strange cactus.

I almost lost my finger 0.0

Now my legs are bongos. Joy monkeys

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One Response to Homeward bound *arf*

  1. LCD says:

    YAY! You’re on your way home! 😀 I’d better see some pics. 😉 And as always, your posts are hilarious. 🙂

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