Of course we can fit between those two passing semis, dad. Go for it!

That looks like a pirate face :\

Graffiti train.


Chocolate o.o

Brad Paisley! *fangirl moment*

There’s a “U” on that hill.

That RV is swaying an awful lot

We’ve only been driving two hours?! 0.o

Random boat on a trailer. Interesting.

There’s ruins in this little town. I am puzzled.

There are random letters on hills everywhere.

Alpaca trailer XD

Dust devil!

On this bottle, 7-up looks like 7•up. Or is it supposed to be 7•up? Am I extremely confused? Probably.

I hunger 😦

No more hunger 🙂

O.O we’re going south-west! We shouldn’t be going that direction! Oh wait. The road curves. *facepalm*

Da moon iz out, and it’s 3 pm.

There’s this random canyon full of golf course. XD

Cute British boys 🙂

Rumble strips are not meant to be driven on, father.

I do believe that was a muddy truck.

100 bottles of pop on the wall, 100 bottles of pop. Take one down, pass it around, 99 bottles of pop on the wall.

Spiny wind turbines.


Tumbleweed! I didn’t think those existed outside of western movies 😉

Ewwwwww. Bugs on the windshield :S

Soggy sandwich horrifies me

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