Garden of missing fireworks

Yes, I wrote that post title. And I’m sorry, but this post has nothing to do with gardens or missing fireworks. Again, sorry. This post has everything to do with music though. 😀

I’ve been listening to some jazz recently, but I can’t seem to find the names of the songs (darn it TuneIn Radio!) So here’s the names of the songs that I know I’ve listened to recently (no, they’re not jazz as far as I’m aware).

Alex Gardner

  • There Goes My Heart Again


  • Missing

Katy Perry:

  • Firework
  • Circle the Drain
  • Teenage Dream
  • California Gurls
  • Hot ‘N Cold
  • I Kissed A Girl
  • Waking Up In Vegas

Dave Days

  • Olive You (feat. Kimmi Smiles)


  • Hero


  • King Nothing

Lamb of God

  • Walk With Me In Hell


  • Fixed
  • I Died So I Could Haunt You


  • Walking In Memphis

Alex Gardner I found through… I forget what YouTube video I was watching. :S Anyway….. Evanescence, Metallica, Lonestar, Lamb of God, and Nickleback were listened to through some Impmon/Beelzemon videos. :3 I like him waaaaaaay too much. XD I found Stars via some advert in a music store we drove by awhile ago. Olive You was found via STIRFRYTV (I think that’s the username….) on YouTube, when they talked to Kimmi Smiles in one of their videos. And I’ve been listening to those Katy Perry songs because Miss Kitty recently gave me Katy Perry Revenge. :3 Thank you Miss Kitty! ^_^ There’s some other songs I’ve been listening to, but I don’t know the artists. One song is called “Mojave”, but there’s no lyrics so I can’t do that sort of search, and the artist wasn’t listed. That one was a digimon amv though, by wolfgirl…… something something. I forget the rest of her username. >.<


That’s it for this post! 😀 Enjoy the video below (and the video below that, which is the video with that “Mojave” song). Oh yeah, and I’ve been listening to lots of throat singing on YouTube.


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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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