Eight questions

Hey people! 🙂 I read this on Owl and Sparrow (the link means that you HAVE to click and you HAVE to subscribe to her blog), and thought it would be fun to answer the questions on my own blog. 😀 So here we go. *grabs snorkeling kit and jumps into pool of text*

One: If you could have any superpower, what would you pick? Why?

Hmm…. that’s a toughie. Telekinises would be fun, but so would levitation, and cloning powers, and the ability to talk to animals (is there a word for that ability? If so, I’d like to know what it is). No wait, it’s not tough at all, I’d love to be able to talk to animals. 😀 That way, I can talk to all the little birdies at the park. :3

Two: Who is your style icon?

Well I try to make original outfits, so maybe Pippi Longstocking? Possibly? I don’t really know. :S

Three: What is your favorite quote?

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” – Anon.

I like that quote because A) It involves horses, and B) it sounds like that other quote, about being able to lead a man to knowledge but not being able to make him think.

Four: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

You know…… I’m not sure. :S But at the moment they’re delivered, aren’t all compliments the nicest in the world?

Five: What playlist/CD is in your iPod/CD player right now?

Hmmm….. at the moment, I’ve been thinking about anti-heroes, so the stuff I’ve been listening to is fairly anti-hero based (you know, songs like “Break Me” by RED). But I have also been listening to TuneIn Radio, which means I’ve also been listening to a variety of artists that I really don’t know. The genres have been Electronic, Trance/Progressive, Hip-Hop, Dance, and Alternative. I’ve also been listening to a couple of things from the 90’s. 😛 Is that a good answer?

Six: Are you a night owl or a morning person?

To be honest, I’d say I’m currently a night owl. I’d prefer being a morning person though. Being a night owl is great and all sometimes, but I just feel I’d be able to do more if I was a morning person.

Seven: Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Can I like both equally? It varies! Whenever I actually go by a pet store, if there’s kittens in the window I want kittens. If I go inside and look at the puppies I want puppies. How can I be forced to choose between two groups of epic adorableness?!

Eight: What is the meaning behind your blog name?

Well the blog name was “Chaos of LCD” when I started. This was because I had the blog on a school thing before, and let me tell you that it was fairly chaotic. I wanted those people who read that version of it to be able to find it easily with a Google search, so I basically kept the same name. Then KenKaniff joined, so I changed it. Then Genesis and Dragon joined, and it changed to the current title. And then of course, Zoe joined. It’s not as chaotic as it used to be (though I wish it was, for some odd reason), but I still like the title. 🙂 So it’s staying! ^.^ And I hope my explanation actually answered the question. XD

That’s the end of the questions (after all, that was number eight!) So now, I will end this post and go do…. whatever it is mad bloggers like me do. Which will probably involve breakfast and a book. Or iBooks. Whichever comes first.



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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6 Responses to Eight questions

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  2. Kayla Olson says:

    Hey! Thanks for the shout-out to my blog — it was fun to read your answers! Two questions: first, should I call you LCD, or should I call you Adaraschia (uh, I triple-checked the spelling on your awesome name, lol)? And second, are you on Twitter?

    • LCD says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for posting the questions on yours. 😛 You can call me either LCD or Adaraschia, it’s up to you. 🙂 No, I’m not on Twitter, but I’d like to be.

  3. JayPaul says:

    I am addicted to questionnaires from the time I was a kid. I thought a cool superpower would be flying until I remembered I am afraid of heights.

  4. kaylasparkles says:

    You should twitter post these. They are fun!

  5. kenkaniff says:

    Red is awesome! They sound just like Breaking Benjamin!

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