First of all, I am not dead! I have returned! I will be attempting to make weekly progress reports every week, stating things such as what went on and/or any special events! Although I am not perfect, so if anyone would like to hear anything, or see me ramble about something, please let me know. 

This week, my friend Aaron gave me a Mudkip action figure so I could enforce the “So i herd u liek mudkipz” meme. It has proven an interesting conversation starter. I also met up with several of my friends that I used to know from middle school who I didn’t see last year because they are a grade lower than me.  One of them is Jose, who I talk to frequently, and he introduced me to Smallworlds as well.  Smallworlds is a site where you make your own virtual avatar, and make friends, earn gold, recieve tokens, decorate your own virtual space, and more! I suggest checking it out, and if do decide to go on there, just respond to this post, and I’ll email you my name or somethin’.

Michael is another good friend of mine, he remembers the Rickroll well because of me.  My 1st period teacher Mr. Weiland reminds me of Mr. Mackey in some ways.  It is quite humorous.  He even says “mmkay.”  I laugh to myself when he does that.

Another huge update: I got CONTACTS. Dat be right, yo.  I see without glasses nao.  I would throw my glasses away, but they’re too expensive.  Over the summer, my parents and I moved into a bigger house.  I even got a bigger TV!  And my own bathroom!

Well, that’s enough wind outta me for now.  Any questions, drop me an email if you liek, or just respond to the post.




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2 Responses to Rumors… SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS.

  1. LCD says:

    O.O *blink* O.o *blinks again* o.O I’m not exactly sure how to respond to all that information.

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