School week in review – 9/20 – 9/24

Greetings all! Like a someboooooooode, I have a weekly progress report for you peoples!

I mostly talk to Aaron and Jose in the morning while playing music, because a trio is better than a huge group where nobody gets ideas in.  Occasionally somebody we know will start to chit-chat, and we talk to them about several topics, then they leave.  Then the bell rings, and we start to go to class, and we usually split up when the warning bell rings and make it to class several minutes before the tardy bell.  One tardy slip = 2 HOUR DETENTION, per new principal’s rules.  She’s really buckling down on those rules. 

We had to go to our homerooms on Monday to pick up one of those “your parents need to fill this out and you need to return it to school” type of forms.  After that, the day went as normal. I decided to start talking to Daniel more often in my second period Guitar class, and I STILL think he needs to go to Guitar 2. 

Tuesday was fairly uneventful, with more Geometry and English 2. (Hated it.) 

Wednesday was a short day, with no first period.  Not much happened.

Aaron was not at school on Thursday, so it was just me and Jose in the morning, and he told me to get him more gold on SmallWorlds.  He always tells me to get more gold and never pays me back, so imma stop doing it. 

Friday was more fun.  When Jose and I saw Aaron, we both told him he had the swagger of a cripple, just to mess with him a bit.  He was confused, so we told him it was part of a song.  

There was a playing test in second period.  I played Aura Lee (more commonly known as a re-worked version by Elvis Presley called Love Me Tender), and only made a few mistakes. 🙂  Chris, one of my friends that I knew from middle school, asked if I knew any Nirvana songs. I said yes, and he then asked if I knew how to play Breed, and I told him I did.  So he said to Camron (another one of my friends from middle school), “Hey! He knows how to play Breed!”  So I played the intro and part of the verse, and Chris said, “That’s pretty cool, man.”  I told him “Thanks. It’s kinda simple, actually.”  On an unrelated topic, I gave a piece of gum to someone who was asking for one, and the person thanked me. 

In fourth period, Ms. Costolo (pronounced cost-low) gave a very motivational speech about success and mental/physical health.  I told her it was the greatest speech I had ever heard.  And it was. 

Sixth period finally arrived, with Mr. Allen joking around as usual.  We had an easy test, and then did an activity which required dropping 3 drops of water over different household items with fancy scientific names, such as baking soda and flour.  We them observed the reactions, and were supposed to answer some questions.  Those who did not finish were allowed additional time to complete it, which will be on Tuesday.  Then, after a long bus ride home, I finally arrived.  At home.  Yay.  I listened to music, played guitar loudly, pulled out The Beatles’ Let It Be vinyl LP to listen to (although I never got the chance), and suddenly it was 9:something PM (LOCAL), and I decided to write my personal Week In Review.  This will be one of the last things I do before sleeping, re-energizing, and attacking tomorrow with a steely grip and vengeance! }:D My friends say I’m weird, but I just think I’m crazy.  Clocking in at nearly 830 words, I would like someone to point out a longer post on this blog. Also, my new life’s playlist includes Big Empty, Vasoline, and Interstate Love Song by STP.  Thank you all for your attention.

Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty Video is unrelated, I believe.


Drivin’ faster in my car
Falling farther from just what we are
Smoke a cigarette and lie some more
These conversations kill
Falling faster in my car

Time to take her home
Her dizzy head is conscience laden
Time to take a ride, it leaves today, no conversation
Time to take her home her dizzy head is conscience laden
Time to wait too long, to wait too long, to wait too long

Too much walking, shoes worn thin
Too much trippin and my soul’s worn thin
Time to catch a ride it leaves today
her name is what it means
Too much walkin’ shoes worn thin

Time to take her home
Her dizzy head is conscience laden
Time to take a ride it leaves today, no conversation
Time to take her home, her dizzy head is conscience laden
Time to wait too long, to wait too long, to wait too long

Conversations kill…

Well, that’s it for me.  Gotta keep that swagger of a cripple goin’.


Any questions/comments/concerns about mental health, please reply!


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