Downs vs. Schiessl – THE EPIC BATTLE

Hello all. I was saving my previous weekly report to gather more information on an interesting rivalry going on between two teachers on campus – Mr. Downs and Mr. Schiessl. (pronounced “shizzle.”)  I visited Mr. Schiessl’s classroom one day for him to tell me to say something to Mr. Downs, the music teacher. That something was, “Why can’t we just use Guitar Hero instead of having to learn the real guitar?”  So I tell this to Mr. Downs, and he pulls out the Core Curriculum binder ridden with evil, and begins to tell me the school objectives for the year. I told him partway through his explanation, “Mr. Downs? I was joking. Mr. Schiessl said to tell you that.” He then shook his head and vowed his revenge against Schiessl. I asked him if he would like me to record a message to Mr. Schiessl, and he said, “I am sure his day will come. I will find a special project for him.” I asked him what this special project was, and he replied with, “I will find something VERY rewarding for Mr. Schiessl.” Mr. Downs scares me.  So I go to Mr. Schiessl’s room and show him the message, and he begins to laugh, saying that Mr. Downs always says he has some big plan going on, but never really does anything.

The next day I went back to Mr. Downs, informing him of what Mr. Schiessl had said.  Mr. Downs told me that he has cardboard laid out at his house (whatever that means), and that he is working on this “special project.” He also informed me that he has SENIORS, and several of his best seniors will be partaking in this epic struggle.  I relayed this information to Mr. Schiessl, and he wished that he had something that I could record to show Mr. Downs. And Mr. Schiessl was also busy in the afternoon, thus there was not much conversing between the two teachers. The final word from Mr. Downs this week claimed that his grand project was nearing completion, and that it would be put into effect within the next week or two.  Personally, I cannot wait to see the outcome of the epic battle between Mr. Downs and Mr. Schiessl.

If you have any “special project” ideas for Mr. Schiessl to use against Mr. Downs, please let me know by posting a reply. If someone comes up with a good idea, I may suggest it to Mr. Schiessl!


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3 Responses to Downs vs. Schiessl – THE EPIC BATTLE

  1. Dragongirl224 says:

    Haha do you call him ‘mr fo shizzle?’ xD

    • kenkaniff says:

      Almost everybody does that, and he doesn’t mind. He’s real funny, and he’s almost always cracking some sort of joke, like Mr. Allen the biology teacher. I cannot wait for either Mr. Downs or Mr. Schiessl to make a move to start the epic battle.

  2. Amie Kaufman says:

    This is hilarious! Please keep us updated!

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