Dragons and birds, oh my!

Last night, I watched two movies in a row with my bro, my Grandma, my Mom, Zoe, and Miss Kitty. The first one was How To Train Your Dragon. The thoughts I had through most of it? “Oh my gosh that’s so CUTE!”, “THEY’RE GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!”, and “That girl is a bit of a jerk.” Of course, the girl doesn’t turn out to be so bad, but that isn’t the point. ^_^

The second movie was Iron Man 2. When I saw a bit of it (around the end) I thought “Vanko is a jerk.” But when I saw ALL of the movie….. I felt sorry for Vanko, and his bird. Of course, I also felt sorry for Tony and Rhodes (practically everyone except Justin Hammer and that senator who worked with him). And I thought “Natalie’s” fight scene was cool! 😀 I really want to see the third whenever it’s out. O_o

Now I just have to see Despicable Me and Legend of the Guardians………


About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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2 Responses to Dragons and birds, oh my!

  1. Amie Kaufman says:

    Oh, I loved Iron Man 2. I’ve been meaning to see How To Train Your Dragon for ages, feel like I’m the only person in the known universe who hasn’t!

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