~Music <3

Music is amazing. If you think otherwise… LEAVE!!!!! Imma gonna list my favorite songs here, just so ya know 🙂

Adam Lambert:
~Whadaya Want From Me
~For Your Entertainment

Black Eyed Peas
~Rock That Body

B.o.B Feat. Bruno Mars
~Nothin’ On You

B.o.B Feat. Haley Williams

Boys Like Girls
~Heart Heart Heartbreak
~Love Drunk

Faber Drive
~You and I Tonight
~Let Him Go
~G-Get up and Dance

Francesca Battistelli:
~It’s Your Life

~Never Too Late
~Old School
~Hand Granade
~Bones Shatter (Never Say Never)
~For the Nights I Can’t Remember
~Been There Done That

Marianas Trench:
~Celebrity Status
~Cross My Heart
~Beside You

Michael Jackson:
~Man in the Mirror
~Beat it

Mike Posner
~Cooler Than Me

~Far Away
~Burn it to the Ground
~If Today Was Your Last Day
~Next Contestant
~If Everyone Cared
~Rock Star
~Gotta Be Somebody
~Just to Get High
~Never Gonna be Alone
~This Afternoon
~Savin’ Me
~How You Remind Me


~She Only Likes me When She’s Drunk
~Turn it up
~Summer Girl
~Throw Ya Hands up

Taio Cruz

Tino Coury:

Tokio Hotel:

Owl City:
~Vanilla Twighlight


Vanessa Carlton:
~Ordinary Day
~A Thousand Miles
~White Houses
~Nolita Fairy Tale

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