Hello people, I am LCD, which stands for either Little C Drama or Liquid Crystal Display, seeing as some of my friends have used the two definitions interchangeably, I’m not sure which one I prefer anymore. 😛 You may use whichever. It’s either that and/or Adaraschia, the name of a dragon character I thought up, who I haven’t really used in anything. I’ve used “Adaraschia” as a username on Goodreads.com, and a few other things.

Gender: Female (obviously, given some of the things I review)
Hobbies: Blogging, reading, talking with friends, writing, watching videos/movies. There is a difference.

If you’re into astrology etc., I’m a Gemini, year of the pig, the flower that represents my birth month is the rose, yadda yadda yadda…. An interesting thing is that even though I took some lessons for knitting, and can knit a scarf easily enough, or a small draw-string purse, I have no idea how to cast-on. XD I keep on forgetting. I am also relatively good at simple embroidery. Attempting fancy stuff is something I won’t do, in case I embarrass myself. 😉

The reviews I write, if they can be called that (in some cases), are mostly biased, seeing as in a review you are supposed to give your opinion, and quite a few are spoiler filled, seeing as I can’t seem to stop myself most of the time before I’ve given away almost everything, which annoys people when I suddenly stop and won’t tell them what the end is (unless I’m persuaded, chocolate might work, that or a book I really want). My favorite genre for books would be fantasy, seeing as most of the stuff I read features different worlds, alternate realities, or supernatural creatures….. like vampires, which reminds me that I want to read Dracula….

My favorite music genres would be rock, alternative, and pop (as far as I know). They’re the genres that I have the most music from. 😛 For movies, I like action, maybe martial arts (which reminds me that I have two martial arts movies to watch and review sometime soon, both of them excellent), and various others…… humor isn’t something I object to, though I do object to humor where I start laughing so hard my lungs start aching, even though that means it’s really really good. XD

I would like to be an author, and illustrate my own books (even though my drawing skills do need to improve), but I’d also like to do stuff with horses, seeing as they are my favorite non-mythical animal, other than wolves (which are just plain cool). Crocodiles are also cool, but talking about that means I’m sort of straying from the subject. My favorite mythical creatures would be griffins, dragons, werewolves, and anthros (if those can be added to the list). If you don’t know what an anthro is, then read the next sentence. If you do, then skip the next sentence. An anthro is a humanoid version of an animal.

Favorite things…. favorite food is undetermined, seeing as I have plenty of favorite foods. Favorite movie is also undetermined, even though I do enjoy Fantastic Planet (which has lots of blue aliens and tiny people who get eaten by an ant-eater like thing with a frill), I’m not sure if it’s my favorite movie anymore, seeing as I do enjoy plenty of others, like Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Monsters vs. Aliens.

I’m rambling quite a bit here, but it is a page about me….. even so, I shall try to say only a few more things now (good for you for holding on this long!) The first shall be that I am always open to suggestions about things to improve the blog, or requests for reviews. That is all (for now, because I forgot what else I was going to say), you are free to browse through my other pages, or the pages of my fellow bloggers, and look for posts that interest you.


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