IMPORTANT: Been Away Too Long!

Hello, all. Wow, it’s been nearly THREE YEARS since anyone posted here – I don’t know how this thing came to my head!

All the admin’s last posts were a while back, and this blog’s pretty much abandoned. But hopefully I should be able to reconvene with the other blogmasters here and get something worked out. Technology’s changed quite a bit, and it should be easier to regulate this thing and delegate it out between the few that are here. Hope to update here soon.

ANY AND ALL BLOG ADMINS: If you somehow get notification of this, contact me. Pretty please. I’d like to get this thing up and running again.

– KC

P.S. …Nirvana isn’t the greatest band ever.

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Aspiring Musical Artist
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1 Response to IMPORTANT: Been Away Too Long!

  1. kenkaniff says:

    Uh… hello?

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