About and Contact

My school friends know me by a different name, but yous may calleth me Dragon! My favorite animal is… a dragon… preferably a red one. I am an undefined age, but I WILL tell you that I am the tallest person in my grade (six feet). I live in a different relm than you and am using a small disc the size of your thumbnail to transmit my thoughts to this page. That is all you need to know.

I am a female!!! I have  2 eye balls and a nose, lots of hair (on my head, thank you very much!) and a mouth. I have 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 arms, 2 legs, oh, and 2 ears as well. If you wanted to be creative you could give me wings and a tail.

I am a cancer, which kinda scares me, seeing as my family has a history of cancer (the scary kind) on both sides. I lovelovelove my birthstone, ‘cos it’s the most ‘spensive one out dere :) .

My favorite letter (you may already know this) is the squiggle!! ~~~~~~~~~ <3. I love reading books and listening to moosic. I have a piggy bank (you may also know about this) named Mo, a cell phone named Clemintine, a iPod named George, and a stamp (I made of a rhino beetle) named Frank.

I enjoy watching movies, I already said reading books, talking to my friends about stories/boys/music/anything else.

My favorite words are: Tabernackle (a portable temple made of goatskin and wood), Potatoe (I will spell it MY way!!), and Avacado.

If yous wanna talk to me about anythin’ jus’ email me at… *digs through address box* AHA!! I found it! ^_^

Adios, amigos!

3 Responses to About and Contact

  1. kenkaniff says:

    Wait…. isn’t the “~” supposed to be a tilde?
    Well, whatever. I like the term “squiggle” more. 😀

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